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The order each on their own and unaware of our plot, the army of chaos will inevitably bring doom to the whole Ashan. The foolish human enjoying themselves in the arms of the angel. Their thirst for power will be our key to the gate of hell. The arrogant forest still focuses on the study of the force of nature.
However, death will cometh no matter where you are. The race hidden under ground greed will drive them to devour everything. We are together on this. Undead - undeour strongest ally, they had heard our summon. Slaughtering - will make them even stronger. Death has come down upon every corner of Ashan.

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A thousand years ago. The devil came to the underground world, which made creatures there suffer a lot. But the disaster was not over, the spread of the devil’s power began to threaten the creatures on the ground as well, the shadow of the devil finally invaded the world of light.

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Powerful AoE DPS - light spirit get from first recharge: ultimate skill - thermal energy explosion; active skill - fireball; passive - the strongest force, magic proficiency. COllect Golden dragon, phantom dragon, Lady Snow, Knight of Death6 Griffin queen and Blood Susking Queen to activate bond and boost BR (takes effect once you own them).
Lady snow - a race that lives in a cold place Good at ice magic, but has a warm heart that craves for affection. Releases tempest to the target range that deals magic damage.
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Elf king - naturally favored races, natural archers are good at making and using bows and arrows. Shoot a powerful arrow to repel an enemy unit, dealing physical damage. THis skill may interrupt enemy channeling.

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  • Reach certain amount of stars to claim the kingdom rewards: gold, diamonds, holy water, stones, hero shards.
  • Use quick enhance to enhance the gear to its maximum level. Improve your heroes to make them more powerful.
  • Enhance characters' skills to make them even more powerful in battle.
  • A single recharge of a specific amount of money during the event will grant a good reward.
  • Hero assembly - let you cultivate a combination.

Heroes Blood tips
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Break the limit - all heroes break through the limits of growth.
New gameplay - experience different career paths.
Ultimate battles: 3 us 3, 5 ys 5 - full server melee.
New calling system - activate heroes to enhance combat effectiveness.
Develop and upgrade your skills while hacking equipment sets that infuse your heroes with power over your foes!
Fight and explore through the world of might & magic, find rare heroes and see if you have what it takes to persuade them to join you!
Heroes Blood tutorial

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