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Your puny brother dares build defenses on our territory? Let’s smash him with ancient ents! They make great tanks, so send them ahead to draw enemy fire. Ent - prioritizes defensive buildings. Restores 15% of maximum HP every 10 seconds. Archmage - upon deploying, summons a fireball and deal 300% of attack damage to one enemy or enemy building in range. We’ve got the enemy contained. Deploy our heroes! Heroes are the key to victory!

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Ziireal - strikes the specified area 5x, hits 1 target (s) within the area inflicting damage each time. Ziireal is an active hero. When he enters battle, his skill will need to be manually activated. Your majesty, you can’t defeat Boss alone. Let me draw his attention while you find an opportunity from the side. Bearl - transform into the steel giant to gain 1000 maximum HP increase and corresponding HP recovery. Bearl is an auto hero. He will automatically uses his skill in battle. Once after the cooldown he will use the skill again.

Heroes Bash cheats, hack codes

Your Majesty, the threat has been dealt with. World of your victory over the powerful intruders will spread throughout the land. You have constructed some buildings with the skilled hands of our dwarf workers. Also, we obtained some items when our enemies retreated. Let’s take a look at our spoils of war! Use material code - these resources will help us complete basic construction of our territory. First we should build a defesive building before Erathorn comes back for more trouble.
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Cannons are just basic defences, we wouldn’t stand for long if there are too many enemies. Offense is the best defense, so let’s unlock a new troop and fight back. Every troop type has their own characteristics. Study their strength and weaknesses to be successul in battle. Archmages damages the nearest building as soon as they’re summoned. Use that to your advantage! These elite mages are powerful! Not bad for a bunch of bookworms from the magic association. Bring them to the troop camp to prepare for our next challenge.

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. The three main pieces of nad are where the terrans, elves and orcs live. The fourth piece of land is an ice cold ruin that is inaccessible. Except for sacred mountain, you must reach a certain power before you can enter other lands.
Each artifact has special trait. THis artifact trait is summons empire knight. For us who are short of soldiers, the ability to summon empire knight is like a godsend, go an assemble the artifact. According to old records, you can also repair DMG artifacts. Get the scattered shards to enhance your artifact and return it to its former glory. ihYZwY - supply box
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