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Heroes Brawl Game controls: dear summoner, please summon your legions of heroes to help me take back the field. Tap on the ground outside the red line, you can deploy a hero. Tap on the skill icon, you can cast the skill. Then help us to rebuild our ruined city! I will assist you. I will show you what’s in shop. No need to wait for such short construction time! Let me use a magic to complete it now! Hum? Is that the sound of zombie army o heard? Let’s go and see if we can find Dr.T’s base!
Story: Shortly after the capture of Evelia by Dr.T, residents of the town ran for hep saying they have been harassed by unknown monsters on the edge of the city. As the lord of the city, Nida goes to the gate with summoner.

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Emm, don’t have a new slot now. We need to build more hero hall! But we should upgrade our base first. After the upgrade, if you opponent’s main city is level 2 or lower, you will get less lots from him than before. If you want to deploy a hero, you need to use hero hall. Now the team has enlarged, follow the previous direction and move on! We need to upgrade our fighting power. Afterall, the enemies are getting stronger. I recommend to upgrade our heroes.

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Don’t forget the followers of the heroes. They can be helpful in the battle. Let’s make them stronger as well. We have complete a lot of events, let’s go to claim the reward. There are lots of your accomplishments in this world recorded in achievements. Don’t forget to check. It takes a lot of resources to rebuild the city, and when we don’t have enough resources, we can borrow some from other summoners. Yeah, this is where you can encounter other Summoners (whisper): defeat them to get glory and money.
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Hints: 1. Fight against furious beast with your ally in team raid
2. Defense the land - purchase one magic cannon, fighten your enemies.
3. Upgrade main city, unlock more buildings.
4. You can select a row of wals and upgrade their level all together.
You can be on your own now. It seems we can find Evelia soon! I wrote you a guide note in the top left corner, which will make your early adventure easier.

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