Cheats, hacks Heroes Crash: secrets code, apk bug mode

. Android game Heroes Crash cheat hack code - potion, flame, diamond, adventure badge, unlimited stamina, essence, orange hero(New York, Unated state).

Commander, the whole lands is almost taken over by the abyssal monsters. We have to find the sealed gate. According to the inform the sealed gate should be near. Commander, the magic cards are awesome! The rest of the monsters, leave them to me. Dragon enchantress! We have to defeat him and close the abyss! Commander, you go back in time and wake all of the magic cards. Recruit heroes and stop the plot of the dragon enchantress.

Heroes Crash cheats android, ios hack codes

Heroes Crash –  hack codes

My lord, your dream is a sign, there's a a sign for your magic card. Wath out! The monsters in lost cave are tough, and they can always take you by surprise. We'll go to the tavern and find some info about the magic card. Maybe we can find companion. Buy Xp potion in tavern may get hero. Then click adventure icon and go to world map. It is said that the ancien god war is determined by the commanders that used magic card. Every magic card is the weapon created by ancient Titan.

Heroes Crash - secret code hack tips

Heroes Crash  –  cheats secret bug
Join guild and fight with others. Clear stage with 3 stars to unlock blitz. High arena ranking will get you better rewards. Magic card spark causes single enemy plenty of damage. Chain lightning – hyrls a lightning bolt at the enemies dealing damage to them. Deals 440 of damage to an enemy and 2 other random enemies. Improve hero and magic cards at all times. Hero colors will change after hero attribute level up and stats will be improved. The quality of the hero: white, gree, blue, purple, and orange. Challenge dungeon to get element essence.

how to enter hack cheats Heroes Crash.

1. ztGF2ZiGTS - potion
2. vjGJXAvHqN - diamond
3. TmbPrlNwp7 - adventure badge
4. Gsoj4Iry1g – unlimited stamina
5. OIENXCtix4 - essence
6. wWEXCLrMEX – orange hero
7. B73LwTFYMx - flame
8. v9JDahGEVh – chest treasure

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