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Welcome to Hittor, my Lord! The continent is now engulfed in the flames of war. Many lords have risen up with their legions to prove their power for world domination. Sainking is the most majestic capital at the center of the continent. All people focus their targets on this imperial castle, because the one who occupies it will be the king and calm chaos! My Lord, lead your legion and start your own legend!

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I will assist you in capturing Saintking, the imperial castle of Hittor. Please follow me and start your conquest of the continent. Our castle is besieged by a hordes of monsters. Build barracks - allows you to deploy battle formations and increases the number of assignable battle formations. When the barracks upgrades to level 3 and level 5, an additional conscription queue will be added. The enemies are stationed in a territory 2 grids away from the castle. To eliminate them, we need to occupy adjacent territories first. Please send troops into nearby grid.

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Before fighting against the monsters, i will summon a hero for the lord, and help the lord to improve the configuration of the army formation, so that the lord’s army formation, so that the lord’s army formation has stronger strength. Use reserves to complete conscription immediately. Through reasonable battle array, heroes can fight more effectively in battles! Now let’s go out of city and defeat the enemy. Capturing territories can bring the heroes experience for leveling up and more forces to lead, so as to enhance the strength of the battle formation.
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Under your brilliant leadership, our heroes have crushed the monsters. We need to summon more heroes to enhance our legion strength. Summon a new hero! We can form the second battle array and dispatch them at the same time to capture territory faster. To form the second battle formation, we must upgrade the barrack to level 2 first. You can take quests to sharpen your strength and prepare for the journey ahead.
hero summon can set auto transformation skill experience. Transforming skills experience requires gold coins or diamonds. If spend diamonds, you can get double the skills experience, which can be used to upgrade hero skills.

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Buildings: fort construction - can accommodate battle formations. You can move battle formations to fort on frontline to shorten marching time. The conscription in for needs to consume extra gold. Auto- build fort - function can be enabled when your fame reaches 4500 points, then fort will be automatically built when you occupy a territory. Subcastle - has the same function as that of main castle. By building subcastle, you can deploy more troops, increase resource production and warehouse capacity. College - construct it to activate the college technology and upgrade it to unlock more tech types. Castle - allows you to levy taxes. It also increases the Durability and max CMD of your castle. Castle appearance will change when it reaches level 7 and level 13. gxZrKb - supply box
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