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All of the guardian stones in Lenas are losing power. And several sanctuaries have been occupied by the enemy. It is not safe here any more. We have to prepare for the enemy's attack in a hurry. Now it is time to summon our heroes who had protected the guardian stone sactuary. And let them protect the Sanctuary against the enemy again. The construction of the defense point has been started. You can wait till it's complete or finish it immediately. You can summon a new hero in the heroes' altar. You can summon heroes to protect the guardian stone sanctuary against the enemy and to attack the enemy. You can protect your sanctuary against the enemy by deploying a hero to the defense point. Many of the guardian stone sanctuaries have been occupied by the enemy. We should recover them in a hurry.

Heroes of lenas cheats android, ios hack codes

Heroes of lenas –  hack codes
Destroy defensive buildings and heroes of the enemy first. Then destroy the sanctuary and win the battle. Select heroes and touch in the area to unleash them. If you win the battle, you can get resources and bonus as rewards. Gold, wood, mana is used for upgrading your heroes or buildings. You can summon a new hero in the hero's altar with the hero points. Win the battle and collect the points. The battle points represents the results of battles. You can earn the points by winning, and lose them by losing or being raided. Complete for the battle point rankings with other players. And leave you name in history of Lenas.

Heroes of lenas - secret code hack tips

Heroes of lenas –  cheats secret bug
We need to upgrade our heroes to deal with stronger enemies. Don't forget to keep upgrading your heroes to fight against the enemy. And keep upgrading and reinforcing your buildings in the Sanctuary. For the last time, check the achievements that will help you play. The guardian stone sanctuary is a building that protects the guardian stone of Lenas. If the sanctuary is destroyed, you lose in battle, and the enemy can steal your resources. You can construct additional buildings by upgrading the sanctuary.

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1. GuITfcrGzb – premium summon
2. MnwgQbQgkk - wood
3. Soers7nnOG - gold
4. kSJVb07jjl - mana
5. uCtJ7M0vXt – hero points
6. 5qHMDgnXmi – unlimited resources
7. XVDEnrINYx - vip
8. COmTCopBmr - tickets

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