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Recommended team: fighter, archer, cleric. This is the most balanced combination of characters. Tap the ground to move all heroes. YOu’re here to register as an adventurer, right? yeah, we’ve been getting a lot of folks like you. Just follow the path through Metsola forest and you’ll reach Kaleva Village. Oh yeah, you might know it better as the “adventurer’s village” since that’s what it was called in the book. Once you get there, find Naiivi and ask her what to do. She’ll help you get registered and ready to go. Good luck. Oh, and may the Three Gods watch over you!

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Oh my! Whom do i behold? Has an immortal incarnation of chaos and destruction itself appeared before me? Or am i mistaken? Regardless, there’s a massacre underway here - a couple of mercenaries have attacked some defenseless (well, almost defenseless) people. Let’s help the thugs out! Send your barbarian into battle - she can approach the enemy and accumulate energy for her attack at the same time. Warrior has several skills. Hold the button to read. Sharp blade - damage to all adjacent enemies (no evasion).

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The barbarian has enough energy to attack. Crush enemy! Unfortunately, the barbarian has spent all her movement points and doesn’t have enough energy for another attack. End the turn. It’s always useful to know the order in which heroes will perform their actions. The barbarian needs help. Let this undead heal her. You need to accumulate enough energy to cast the spell first - use cheat code CZx5QJ. YOu’ve got enough energy - heal your ally. We’ve done all we can and the turn goes to the enemy automatically. Our barbarian can kill all the enemies with a single blow, but she needs to accumulate enough energy first.
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I see i was right about you - you just might have what it takes to become the tuler of this world! Hmm.. is it just me, or have you completely forgotten what’s going on here? Okay, let me remind you...The lands of the archipelago have had no master for over a century. After the middle empire fell, there was no one left to unite the nations. The world descended into an internecine war among the races: the menacing Orcs, the militant humans, the haughty elves, and the universally despised undead. They will all fall before the brave hero, who dares lay claim to the palace’s empty halls of the Mad king who was felled. By demons he himself had summoned fight for the vacant throne.

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Characters tier list: guardians - a soldier trained to do three things - hold a sword, hold the line, and hold true to his oath - can be the best ally and the bitterest foe. Elven spellcasters - knowledge is a double edged weapon that can injure its owner if the hand that holds it is weak. Sz4vKj - jewels
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