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Welcome, you have been summoned to another world. You are chosen by the goddess. Justice, sacrifice, good heart, tough body! You have all the conditions to be a hero. The other world is a magical place, nothing like your home world. Please help me here to defeat the devils. Well, i will reincarnate your from the original world. Now we need to decide on your looks in the other world. You need a new body to fight the devil. You can become whoever you want! Now that you are all set, let’s move to the heroes town!

Heroes Town online hack

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Heroes town - your goal here is to help the villagers, become a great hero and protect this world. You can team up with many other heroes here to hunt the monsters and defeat the boss monster. Now let’s move on to the potion shop in the center of the village. Here, you can equip the potions you need for battle. The potion that matches the ration will be auto charged. The number of potions you can hold will be limited to your maximum potion weight. As you become stronger, you can hold more potions. Potions will be automatically recharged every time you enter the battle, so equip the potions however you want.

Heroes Town online cheats, hack codes

Have you seen the scary boss monsters? I can’t sleep at night just thinking about them. I hear you can sometimes acquire materials when you kill the boss monsters at the hunting ground. It is amazing how heroes from another world can become stronger and stronger using reborn. Nowadays monsters are more intense than ever! Now try hunting with other heroes. You can defeat strong monsters together. Please select the hunting ground on the bottom right.
You finished your first fight brilliantly! If you continue to level up through battle and acquire new skills, you can become stronger. Before you go back to the hunting grounds, i recommend you check out the blacksmith to see if there are better equipment.
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Blacksmith - craft weapons for heroes once they bring materials. Also, the % shows of the equipments and higher the number, the higher the stats. Once the equipment durability falls to 0 during your hunt, your stats won’t work. So repair equipment every time you are in town.
As you upgrade your level, you can choose to be reborn upon reaching level 50. Once reborn, your levels will reset to 0, turning into skill points. You can up your skills and become stronger. This guide is now over! I look forward to you becoming a great hero!

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Supplies are made up of food and water and determine how many days you can remain at sea. When your supplies run out, sailors will start to die. When ship durability reaches 0, the game is over. When the number of sailors reaches 0, the game os over. The ship will stop when you tap throw Anchor, but other ships will keep moving and time will continue. Tpa on the hull to pause the game. Everything will stop. m98iKg - supply box
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