Cheat engine Heroic Expedition hacks: secret gift code mode.

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Dear adventurer, welcome to the divine realm! This used to be a vibrant and magical land where there exist hidden treasures of the gods as well as untold dangers at every turn. If you are ready, come join me on an unforgettable adventure! The journey ahead is full of danger and obstacles. You will need to find some companions. Use hero pass - there is strength in numbers and we shall lend you a hand to get you started. Edward is a reliable tank hero. Haydn us a prist who can provide solid support on the battlefield. Connie is a mage who can easily defeat enemies with her powerful magic.

Heroic Expedition cheats, hack codes

1. wrWGOS32 - advance summon
2. kDcOqVld - growth
3. Enter HPBOMzkW - unlimited mana
4. Pass k7BVDU7O - legendary card
5. 0ITKG5oo - enhance
6. Enter hiNszLyf - runes
7. rjj2UYpB - resources
8. hFF9FOqc - funds
9. uJuKfA3P - fighter token
10. jK7jtk0A - game coupon code

Control info Heroic Expedition: in addition to powerful heroes, you can deploy magical cards that will grant you various abilities. The minimum number of cards required for each battle is 12. If you have fewer than 12 cards available, all cards will be automatically deployed. You can choose the specific cards you want to deploy after you secure more cards. Now let's conquer the world starting with these cards! Each card has unique abilities. Tab on the card to view the details. Drag the card to the center of the screen to play it.

Basics Heroic Expedition cheats code list:
mana will be consumed for every card deployed and will be replenished after the round is over. Mana cap is increased after every round. After you've played all your cards, tap round over to continue the battle. After the cards have been deployed, if a hero's energy bar is full, an ultimate attack will automatically be unleashed to deal massive damage against the enemy.
We need to recruit more companions to take on stronger monsters. You have 1 free basic summon per day. Use cheat codes - you can summon stronger heroes via advanced summon.

Hack cards Heroic Expedition: poison bottle - deals 28% toxic damage to 2 random enemies for 2 rounds. Based on the ATK of the hero with the highest ATK on your side. Weakness - reduces 1 random enemy's armor level by 1 for 1 round. Inspire - increases 2 random teammates' ATK by 10%. Thunder - deals 75% DMG tot he enemy with the highest ATK.

Heroic Expedition gift codes, hack, note.

Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Tap auto fight button to use card skill automatically.
  • 2. You can ascend a card’s stars after acquiring identical cards.
  • 3. We will surely encounter more ferocious monsters. We need to keep improving our team to handle whatever comes our way. We can vastly improve a hero’s attributes and combat power by upgrading.
  • 4. Don’t forget about a hero’s best secret weapon, runes and cheats. Each hero can be inlaid with up to 4 hack tools - runes. The rune’s attributes will be directly applied to the inlaid character. Inlaying runes of the same type on a hero will activate the rune set effects. Don't forget to enhance the runes to improve their attributes.
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