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r3Ucd2 - pets
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There lived a boy in a village who aspired to become a hero. He dreamed of fighting against mighty monsters and protecting those who could not stand for themselves. But he could never imagine what fate really had in store for him. Go to the next location through the gate. Use the joystick to move. Release the joystick to attack opponents. Go around the obstacles and defeat your enemies.

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Ability: fire shot - your shots set enemies on fire. Heroic might - deal 30% more damage with your melee weapon. Deadly accuracy - greatly increases you critical hit chance and damage. Ice shot - freeze enemies for a short time.Swift hands - increase reload speed of your melee weapons by 20%. Piercing shot - your bullets pierce enemies. Elemental mastery - increases you elemental damage.

Heroics cheats, hack codes

Priestess grants you one of the blessings: toxic bullet - two toxic spirits surround you, inflicting 15% the initial damage to monsters. Health recovery - restore some health. Might - deal 15% more damage with your melee weapon. Stray bullet - your bullets bounce between enemies.
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For each level you receive you will get skill points. Use them to improve your skills. Leadership - increases health, speed and damage of your pets, allies and summoned being. Endurance - increases your maximum health. You get 400 health for each level of Endurance. Strength - increases the damage of your weapons.

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00v2Zw - supply box
IDtTrX - treasure chest
kYRdGj - multiplayer
skJUME - vip status
9HfGcO - star tokens
Hack dwN33L - artifacts
Cheat nYyDYd - evade
UcxoOk - elite ticket
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