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Hello! My name is Cheat-on! You must be the hero summoned to this world! You are definitely being confused at this moment, so allow me to do some explanation for you! Above is your personal information. Your rank is now 1, you can get experience (XP) to level yourself up. You don’t have any XP for now, but when you’ve got enough Xp, your rank will raise.

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Raise your rank will fully restore your STA (stamina) and increase the limit of your STA. Also, you may lead more powerful beasts. When it comes to adventure, STA is a must. Your stamina replenishes 1 point every 5 minutes, you may also use diamonds to restore your stamina. Beside diamonds, you can also utilize you coins and summon stones. You can summon rare beasts with diamonds and common characters with summon stones. For coins, you can use them to enhance your runes.

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Heromaze hack beasts
In the bottom of the screen, you can see the menu. Let’s navigate through it! First, let’s see how to organize your teams. Please tap Heromaze organize team. While picking your beasts, you need to put the total cost into consideration. Every beast has its own cost. Raising your rank will increase the total costHeromaze total cost. You can also choose to organize another team. We’ve prepared 5 slots of teams for you to organize. Please tap a beast Heromaze beast you want to replace, and tap another beastHeromaze beast 2 you want to add into your team. Very good! You’ve added a new character into your teamHeromaze team!

Heromaze wiki
Let’s see how to fight. First, let’s go to the world map. Please pick an area Heromaze area, select a stage. When going on an adventure, your STA will be consumed. Pick a player to be your “helper”. You can pick a powerful helper when you are on your way into an adventure. We are in the middle of the battle now, and i’ll introduce you with some rules. Stage - this is how many battles you are going to face in this stage. Boss and powerful monsters will appear in the final phase.Heromaze treasure, coins - there are the treasures, summon stones and coins.

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  • 6. aFNxycBWVHteQrl - beasts
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  • 8. QIunWGhObNB7P0y - premium pack
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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • First, you need to move around to gather your scattered beasts. The HP bar of a friendly beast is displayed in green. You will find green margin on friendly beasts.
  • HP bar displayed in red are enemies. You need to move by them to attack them and cause damage.
  • Your active hero in every battle plays the role of the starting point. You can only move along the blocks with the same color by tapping your active hero then linking the blocks.
  • When you go through your friendly beasts, those beasts will join up in your line.

Heromaze tips
Tutorial Heromaze(wiki):
  • After beasts join in your line, they will show up in the bottom of the screen.
  • You just received some damage. When enemies move by you or your friendly beasts, they will cause damage like you do to them.
  • Try to move your hero to attack the enemies, and gather all beasts Heromaze move your hero to attack the enemies
  • When you are moving, your MP will recover gradually. When your MP is full, the hero and beasts' character portraits will glow.
  • Tap the skill you want to use, and you can see the radius of your skill.

Heromaze tutorial

Tips to repair durability Heromaze:

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You need to let your friendlies surround your enemies - in the form of a line, a row, or diagonally - then you will have a chance to trigger the siege attack. You will have to let your beasts join battles, to gradually increase the chance to trigger their siege skills.
Heromaze tips to repair
Beast hut can gain experience from battle and perform training to increase their XP and raise their level to be stronger. Tap a character you want to sacrifice, your training target and sacrifice share the same skill, there will be a chance to raise the rank of beast’s skill level. Heromaze Google Play Download ► how and where enter
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