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The light guides me to you, and you will solve all this. And that’s why you are targeted by the giant wolf. The book of prophecy guides us to you, this can’t be wrong. It is said that only the reincarnated one of the sixth God could establish a true connection with the book of prophecy. To be or not to be, just give it a try.

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The book of prophecy guides us to you, and the book of prophecy that the Gods left us has never made a small error. So you are Teshill, no doubt about it. Nowadays everyone wants the stone of ability scattered in the world in order to obtain the ability that doesn’t belong to the mortals, so they can domineer over the Gods and all things on earth. The giant wolf has awakened. If the future is like today, then the whole world will be dominated by the dark forces.

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1. 3g9wsPwPEK - level up
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We need you to collect all the sones of ability to destroy the giant wolf. He also knows that only you are the real enemy. He will gather all the dark forces to destroy you. But we will follow and protect you, please allow us fight for you!
As an outstanding leader, it is very important to observe the battle situation. Click hack cheats code to control the corresponding hero to release its unique powerful big move to achieve the effect of reversing the situation.
HeroX wiki
Captured some treasure boxes with a little try. Come to see what some of it! Hurry to arm the heroes with these treasure boxes and make the enemies in front tremble! As the level increases, the hero’s health, damage, and defense will be enhanced.
In the follow up battles, more treasure boxes will be obtained continuously. The heroes should be armed in time to make an expedition and save the world.

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8 bRtDQMiyRP premium pack
9 Tsr6MUEKTW hero souls
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11 vEv5mcTNOd treasure box

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Skills:
  • The situation of the enemy is a bit tricky. We need to organize a strong flying teams. Well, we still lack a powerful flying hero. Try your luck in the wishing fountain!
  • Gold treasure box summon - open to get the hero soul (1 hero is summoned at least), 10 gold treasure box card is used firstly.
  • Champion treasure box - open to get today's hot hero at least, which will update at servers time 5:00

HeroX tips
Hack cheats tutorial HeroX(wiki):
Try to use the stun skill to interrupt the enemy’s humming. To adjust and command the hero reasonably is the key to the battle. Each stat has a unique effect bonus. THe third one is that the control skill must hit. Try to match the most suitable hero. Make a good use of the characteristics of the slots and the future battle will be unfavorable.
HeroX tutorial

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