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Hexlords cheat world: greetings commander, and welcome to new android game. Your objectives are to defeat your enemies on the field of battle and obtain their resources to improve our own capabilities. We will demonstrate now in a mock battle. Please follow me to the training grounds. View of the battlefield - your aim is to destroy your opponent's base while protecting your own through a card based system. To use a card, simply drag and drop one anywhere on the map that is not covered by a red hex. In doing so, you will deploy your units or utilise your tech in that location.

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Using a card requires Hexbit - this regenerates over time. The winner is decided once either player has destroyed their enemy's base. If the 3 minute time limit is reached, the person that has destroyed the most checkpoints and bases is victorious. Otherwise, the battle heads into sudden death where the player that destroys the next building wins. You may use the resources obtained from airdrop to build your base. You may obtain airdrops from winning battles or hack cheats code. You will also receive additional airdrops periodically. Every airdrops contains credits and building cards. The colour of the inner hexagon determines the type of airdrop you are about to unlock. Wait for your airdrops to unlock! When the time meter runs out, tap again to claim your loot.

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Fraction: the zealots - this group is the most radical and are relentless in their pursuit of a single state system. By the nature of this group, they repel most outside parties that don't share the same beliefs due to their single mindedness and insistence of their goals.
The united - this group contains all remnants of the UDG, those who still believe in a singlar global nation. Ministers still loyal to the UDG have retained most of their military infrastrucuture, and like the isolationists, are a smaller group but are still supported by powerful forces, but with milder ideals.

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The modernists - those who desire their independence, but still dont want to be totally removed from the rest of the world. This group have the most supporters as they have the most proggressive views of the world - an evolution to the world that the UDG had created to one that was more flexible and sustainable. They rely more on diplomacy and technology than brute strength.
The guards - those who understand the need for some distance between themselves and other countries, but at the same time want to safeguard the constitution founded by the UDG.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:allow me to expand base management, which is where you construct your base and determine which units you'd like to bring into battle with you. Tap the deck button to proceed. In construct mode, you can build your base by dragging and dropping your building cards below and tapping them into their desired location. Doing so will use up credits and the cards you obtain from airdrops. Each building will enable the use of certain cards in battle, with the exception of the Hexbit refinery which increases Hexbit generation rate. Only 8 of your availbale cards can be used in battle. Specific troops come with specific buildings so build them wisely.

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Tutorial Hexlords (wiki): drag building over the hex grid and tap again to build. Each grid is separated into 3 parts, and each part is made up of 7 hexes. Buildings can only be placed in an empty area that fits their corresponding shapes. Each player is only allowed 9 hex grids. You can freely switch between them using the panel above. Tap a building to view its info. Upgrading increases the level of both the buildings and its troops. All cards used for upgrade will be returned (except the cards used for placing buildings). Half of your cards and credits will be returned to you when you delete a building. You can only bring a maximum of 8 units \ skills into battle. These can be replaced with other units within your selected hex grid in the edit mode.

Hexlords hacked Instructions Hexlords: heroes are unique elite units that can turn the tide of battle. Unlike regular units, they will follow you into every battle. You do however, have to wait for them to be ready for deployment. You may only use one hero at a time. Each hero can equip one of three skills, allowing you to customize their role on the battlefield. Heroes only can be deployed once and they only are available during the second half of a battle. Each Hero has 3 unique skills - just tap on one to equip it! Only one skill can be used at a time. Every Hero can equip different chips to improve the efficacy on battle. You may obtain new heroes from the shop! This concludes all you need to know about Hexlords. We wish you good fortune in the battles to come!

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