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Select a blue mark to move. All units have completed their actions? To finish turn, press end turn button. Roads can be built anywhere but inside enemy territory. 1\2 movement cost when passing road tiles. Seaport - can be built next to a water tile. Field, fruit - collecting this resource will increase +1 development of a city. Units on a mountain tile gain +1 sight. Climbing research needed to move to mountain tile.

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Warrior - basic unit for melee combat. Skill - rush: unit is able to attack after moving. Water and bomber: water - units can move across water tiles. Bomber - can be trained at cities. Bombships - bombers become bombships in water. Bomber - splash: attack has a damage radius. Damage is reduced by distance from target. Archer - ranged unit, can attack from 2 tiles away. Knight - powerful melee unit with high mobility. Rampage skill: unit gets another chance to attack after each kill.

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YOu entered an enemy city? It can be conquered on your next turn. Farms can be built of fields. City is upgraded? Gold production increase by 1. Select an additional bonus: extra gold, expand sight, golem, expand territory, population growth. Mobility mastery - unit movement increases by 1. Retire - 50% of the unit cost will be refunded.

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