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We fell into the abyss of a filthy and inhospitable planet. We must go up quickly in order to bring the Ballaball back to the golden temple and reactivate the ancient power of our people. SO we have to go upwards and bring this thing with us! But how do we carry it? First of all its name is Ballaball. It’s attracted by the bars. There are two ways of moving it. The first is follow the touch. The bar moves toward the point where you tap the screen.

Hi-Ball Rush hack

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THis thing goes faster after each bounce! It keeps accelerating, but after getting damaged its speed resets to the default value. The other is screen area: tap on the upper half of the screen to move the bar upwards and in the lower half to move it downwards. Oh, look! The road is full of spheres - cores! We must collect them all if we want to complete our mission and eliminate pur competition. Modifications applicable on our Ballaball. SOme of them are good, but others are terrible. Be careful which you get.

Hi-Ball Rush cheats, hack codes

Things blocking the road are henchbots sent by cursatron, emperor of the cursed! The red ones are crashes, the most dangerous. They damage our Ballaball if they hit it, and after 3 hits it will be destroyed. They yellow ones are bumpers. The ballaball can bounce on them, but it loses magnetism. Be careful with the trajectories. The blue ones are magnets. They turn the Ballaball’s megnetism on and off. The purple ones are warpers. They teleport the Ballaball in another point of the route. Always pay attention to where it’s going to pop out.
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When we’ll have enough shards we’ll be able to boost up our equipment. Each transformation has unique characteristics. Don;t forget to equip them before leaving. These are precious activate bonuses. We’ll use them depending on the enemies we’ll have to face. They materialize in specific points of the route. Equip them before leaving for difficult journeys.

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