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Hidden Hotel cheat world: you have inherited a hotel from your grandfather. I look forward to seeing you in Miami. I'm happy that you decided to reopen your grandfather's hotel. So brave of you! So brave of you! I must warn you, though, that is no ordinary hotel. I'll tell you everything, but let's clean up here first. Can you please help me find a broom? Some interesting items are hidden in this location. Find 6 items from the list and tap them.

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When you need help, you can use tools or i can give you a hint with my lantern if it is charged. Now zoom in to see items better, and zoom out to see the whole scene. Open your tablet! You can find your to do list on it. Did you see what happened to our reception area? It looks like birds built their own hotel around it. Let's fix it because any hotel starts with its reception area.

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I hope you will give this hotel a second life, its first one was a bit tragic. I think you've noticed that it doesn't look like a usual run down hotel. I must warn you that in the past some strange things started to happen in the hotel - people even called it cursed. Don't worry, i don't believe these stories, we had better go back to work and fix the fireplace. By the way, this hotel previously had a great 1970's style, but you can choose whichever style you'd like.

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The task became more difficult for this star. Try using the keys to remove three items at once for free. I liked to sit by the fireplace with our guests and listen to their stories. Now i would like to tell you about all strange things happened in the hotel, but much time has passed since then, so first i need to refresh my memory. Let's find your grandfather's diary! I think, i saw it in the hotel's souvenir shop. Let's remove boxes, we need to reach the souvenir shop to find your grandfater's diary.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Oops, looks like this location is littered! The cleaning mode is unlocked so you can remove all waste items. Good news - the souvenir shop is unlocked and we can start exploring it. Just look at this mess near the fireplace! The carpet and broken chairs are so dusty that i can't even breathe. Let's repair this area so we can comfortable settle near the fireplace, read the diary, and learn the story of the hotel.

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Tutorial (wiki): just tap nad hold the armchair to see more design options. You can choose the furniture design you like best. Hotel story: our hotel was quite typical for Miami - happy couples on vacation, families with loud kids, hot girls and boys on the beach. But, once everything changed. We started to notice that furniture in the hotel began to break more often. Soon, we had to repair something every single day. Then, the hotel staff became sullen and glum, and they began to quarrel with each other. Some of them began to go to work with strange bruises and abrasions. We even had cases when our quests just disappeared. And everything started with appearance of this guest...

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