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Maomao opened her eyes, and regained consciousness. SHe sat up and looked around and discovered being surrounded by some unfamiliar ruins. The only thing visible was baffling scenes of desolation. Suddenly, Maomao’s hand touched something she took a closer look and realized it was a student handbook. She picked it up with her hand, and found some important notes recorded in it.

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Diet (how to eat): tap the character or avatar,select diet in the menu and choose the food to eat. The character has three physical conditions: fullness, moisture and spirit. Different foods have different effects on health. Foods must be cooked on gas stoves and beverage buckets. The ingredients needed to make food can be obtained from explorations. Slide left and right to switch scenes. Facilities need to be upgraded to be used. Click on the blanks to view interactive facilities.

Hidden Survivor cheats, hack codes

Collect materials to build a home. Unlock illustrated guidebook to collect memories. Hold down the materials icon to view the source of the material. Remember what you need, and have goals for your explorations. Explore: any physical condition that is brought down to zero means death upon the return. All ingredients and food will be converted into reincarnation points after everyone dies. Explore (how to fight): click on the open space to move. Morph into scenic objects to collect materials. Pick up potion to restore yourself into Human form, attack players and steal materials.
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When light waves appear, you current position will be displayed on the map. Pay attention to the dark areas! The red area is the dark zone, and the yellow areas will turn into dark zones at the end of the countdown. You can issues various commands to the survivors. Remember the health values of each survivors as diets are very important.

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