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HIS M-1942 cheat world: we are ready for battle, we will send you a message from the command center. Touch the button on the right to move to the mission list. I explain the mission before the message of the command. You can see the reward gems and experience points when you complete the mission. Consumption fuel is dispayed below. Touch the screen and we will deliver the contents of the command center. Act - it is delivery contents of command. You asked to complete the first mission and if you touch the button marked in the center, you will go to the mission.

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Pilot, i will inform you of basic flight manuals before proceeding with the mission. You can control the direction of the plane by moving the left direction pad. If the altitude is too low, it will be impacted. If the altitude is high, the engine will be stalled and restarted. If you want to move faster, use the booster button on the right. Please note that after a certain period of use, recharge is required. The following is a guide to basic attacks. Touch the icon on the right to shoot guns. Please note that long term shooting can cause the gun to overheat.

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You can use secondary weapons by toching the spot on the screen. Secondary weapons have great power, but you have to make a careful choice because you have to recharge after a certain amount of use. I will show you each place in anticipation of future activity. You can enter the hangar by touching the hangar button at the bottom. There you can install items and replace the plane. At the factory, you can develop a new airplane with compensation for your current and future activities.

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You can see the information of the plane by touching the plane and you can develop more airplanes. They are divided into fighters, bombers and controllers which have different characteristics for each type. You do not have much experience in combat so you do not seem to be familiar with the operation of the aircraft. Click Auto to start automated battle with the help of the command center.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: become a hero of the skies. Infinite battle of the alliance and Axe. Various field with sky, sea and land. Complete mission on the battlefield. Upgrading and customize your fight.

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Tutorial HIS M-1942 (wiki): O.C war is a large scale battle where the allied and Axis fight for world. On war map - blue is occupied by the alliance, red - by the Axis. Premium fighter planes can be acquired by Gacha. Each time the level of the squadron increases, the number of squad members that can join the squad increases. You can play the user to user PvP.

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