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Generator produces the elements shown on its label. Clear the space under the generator to make room for the elements to be released.
Wedding anniversary - spruce up the garden with special decorations! Collect them all to get a stunning wedding carriage: heart flowerpots, Curis mailbox, wings bench, boutonniere lights, ornamental Border.
The plane booster is really good at getting cherries! Especially when cherries are hidden inside those jelly blocks.
On green carpet levels, boosters should be on at least one green carpet tile. Using boosters or making matches not on the green carpet cna be a wasted move.

Homescapes Hint, hack cheat code:
1. think very carefully before making a move! Game hints are not always the way to go.
2. Always remember the level coals! You don't want to waste moves on destroying the wrong blocks.
3. Always look out for opportunities to create boosters! Think ahead and imagine how blocks will fall into places - don't always rely on game hints.
4. On donut levels, look for the quickest way to get them out! The upward rocket booster is normally the best for getting donuts out.
4. It's a good idea to break pieces with chains or ice on them! This will give you more room to make matches and increase your chances of creating boosters. Homescapes hack cheat code

Tips: Game hints can be helpful sometimes! They can help with getting some really cool boosters like the rainbow ball!
On oil/bubble levels, destroy these tiles as soon as possible! If you don't destroy oil/bubble tiles, they keep on growing making the level harder.

Use boosters at the right time! Combining any booster is always better than using one booster at a time.
On levels with walls, the bomb or rocket booster are recommended! The plane booster is only good when you set it off next to a wall.
Never give up on a hard level! After a while the level does get easier.
Phones block parts of the field and can't be moved from their places. Make a match next to it while it's ringing for the element to disappear. But be careful. Two moves later, a different phone will start ringing! You can also explode power ups to remove phones. And don't forget about sledgehammers and hammers. Remember: you can't affect the phone in any way if it's not ringing.

Homescapes Secret: if you quit a level you will lose a life. But not every time! If you start a level and leave without doing a move you will not lose any life! It works even if you use a booster! You can see if your booster appears in a strategic place and leave if it's not the case! Every time you start a level it is random! You can increase your chances of completing the goal by getting one right away. Use this trick to have the most chances of not losing any life! Homescapes: cheats codes, hack

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