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Free hack Honor Of Thrones cheats code list - gold, legendary hero, speed up, promo ticket, spirits, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Honor Of Thrones cheat world: after being locked up be Baelor all these years...i’m finally free again! Damn Baelor, you’ll pay for this! I’m your loyal companion, Cheat-on. Welcome back, my Lord! From this time on, we must conquer this world that doesn’t accept us - plundering, slaughtering, trampling, immortality, honor. Not only did Baelor take away your freedom, he also sealed Hades here, gaining the loyalty of the undead army. I’ve thought up a blood sacrifice plan that can exploit Hades - kill all the living creatures within the territory!

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Corpses of creatures can’t be wasted, how about building another barracks outside your base. The soul of every creature that dies in battle will become our servant. Their body will join our skeleton army. The spirit energy within the spirit tower can help you recover your injured units. But any units that exceed its capacity will die.
Everything is now within my grasp... step 1 is to capture some creatures to use as blood sacrifices. Then we need to build some farms and lumber mills to prevent them from having a chance to catch their breath...

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Hades may be powerful, but his will has been weakened through mine and Baelor’s seal. Now i just need to imbue 4 disgraced spirits into it. The 4 Disgraced spirits will bring Hades down from the divine plane and into the dirt of the mortal real, making him nothing more than a feeble slave beneath my feet! Go an defeat the enemy army, we may manage to seize a disgraced spirit!

Honor Of Thrones wiki
  • Elf - the noble and elegant elves were born along with the world’s first wisp of moonlight. No matter how many ages pass swiftly before the eyes of these eternally youthful beings, they still maintain their love for the forest and humans and great reverence for magic. Racial features - spites are good at archery and magic, possessing really strong control ability.
  • Undead - for the undead who are dreaded by even gods and goddesses, death is just the beginning of an eternity. Destruction will even lead to a part of their evolution and all everyone will be killed, no matter how strong they are. All death strengthens the undead.
    Racial features - the undead specialize in using black magic, undead lords can resurrect creatures that have fallen in battle as members of the undead.

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  • Tavern - different proportions will make different liquor flavors. Different drinks will attract different heroes.
  • We've found the souls you need, the enemy are defense units. This type of unit will be countered by our vampire offense units.
  • You can make dark riders- they are assault units that can counter attack units.
  • We can obtain buffs from researching magic that can be used to collect resources out in the wilderness. This should allow us to rapidly increase our resources!
  • You can dispatch your army to collect resources after selecting a resource field. Once the army's carrying capacity is full or the resource field's capacity has run out, the army will return to your castle.

Honor Of Thrones tips
    Tutorial Honor Of Thrones(wiki):
  • Iron resources will unlock at main city level 10.
  • Defense units can resist the enemy easier in the front row.
    • Units:
    • Dark rider - can reduce the stats of enemies that it inflicts damage upon
    • Vampire - can absorb a potion of the damage inflicted on enemies
    • Lich - can make corpses explode, damaging enemies in the surrounding area.
    • Skeleton - lacking in attack and defense, they make up for this with sheer numbers to overwhelm the enemy

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