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Summoner, welcome to new android game! In this virtual continent, reborn heroes are creating a new legend. Are you ready? Exciting battles are waiting for you. Honor of kings is a multiplayer online battle arena game. Objective: break through the enemy’s line of defense and destroy their core. As the summoner, you use powerful forces to summon heroes into battle. In first battle you will summon hero Arthur, the unconquerable paladin.


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Keep your hands on your equipment and stay relaxed while using them. Control hero movement with your left hand. Use talents with your right hand. Left menu - tap here to quickly purchase the recommended starting equipment ( boots of divine speed - movement speed +30). Follow the arrows to advance to the target. Use a normal attack to defeat enemy. Tap + to learn the ability Oath of protection. Tap to cast Oath of protection to gain a powerful shield and speed-up effect.

HONOR OF KING cheats, hack codes

Tap normal attack to hit the enemies and silence them. Tap to cast Whirling strike and deal damage to surrounding enemies. You have enough gold to buy one other piece of equipment - anti mage cloak: magic defense +90. Tap + to level Whirling strike up to leve 2 and increase the amount of damage it deals. Your hero has reached level 4 - learn the ultimate, Avalon’s fury: immediately eliminate enemies with low HP.
THe red HP bar belongs to enemy heroes, who are normally controlled by other players.
Killing heroes and minions, or destroying towers can all earn you gold in battle. Here you can spend it to buy equipment for matches and increase your hero’s strength. You’re injured? Use the heal skill. But remember, if you take damage while recovering HP, healing will be canceled. The base is your spawn point and can fully restore HP.
Oh my! One hero is attacking the tower all by themselves! THey’re going to take all the damage the tower can throw at them!

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