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Lord, welcome to the hero challenge, click the start button below, you can start you challenge now! Do you know? The system will continue counting your gains while you idle. Go online to get these rewards. The more barrier you cleared, the more rewards you get while you idle.
THe energy of Ares is full, click on the head of Ares, and make a stunt! there seems to be a new hero to join the team, let’s go see him. Congratulations to the grown-up to add another brave man. Now let’s upgrade his rank and strengthen his ability.

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Click quick equip to put on equipment and improve his attributes. The hero experience is shared, you can choose the hero you like to upgrade. Idling in barrier can get a lot of hero experience. Upgrade lord level can earn talent points, which can be used to upgrade lord talents, so as to get better enhancement.
Lord, the “shield” cheat code will protect your territory from attack for 30 days, make use of this time and improve your power!

Honor of Kings cheats, hack codes

House can produce gold, upgrade its level to raise gold production.
The castle is your most important building. Upgrade to unlock new buildings and features, increase the maximum level of other constructions, and number of soldiers you can add to your army.
Infantry barracks is the place to train infantry and pikemen. Upgrade it for higher level of soldiers and maximum size of each time training. Barrack can produce soldiers and is the foundation of the powerful troops.
Academy - different technologies have different effects. Upgrade Academy can unlock more technologies and shorten research time.
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Warehouse can store resources, and protect a certain amount of resources from being plundered. Raise its level for more protection.
Watch tower - when your territory or camp (including garrisons) is attacked, scouted, transported, or reinforced, the watchtower will alarm you, The higher the watchtower level, the more information it can detect.
Castle walls - prevent enemy troops from entering your territory. Deploy heroes and traps on your castle walls. Damaged walls regenerate over time. Upgrade to increase the wall’s HP, recovery rate, and max trap capacity.
Hospital - can cure casualties. However, they may die if they exceed the hospital’s capacity. Upgrade or build more can increase the capacity.

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