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Free hack Hopeless Raider cheats code list - gold, talents, unlimited ammo, promo ticket, level up, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Hopeless Raider cheat world: Coralville is my hometown. It's a peaceful town with less than 20 thousand people. But a month ago, a mutation accident struck suddenly, and residents in the town became bloodthirsty monsters. Including my wife and children. This is a varation will not happen for no reason. What is the source? Who destroy my hometown?

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My name is cheat-on, an officer of defense logistic agency. I was instructed to investigate the infection and mutation accidents here. But i and my teammates got separated, i need to find them. I think you need some weapons.

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The weapons blueprints left by the army when the infection broke out was distributed in every corner of the town. If you can collect all of them, you will get good weapons. There are three blueprints of USP pistol. Follow the guideline and find them. At last, don't forget open the east door and let me out.

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You finally came. But now you have to judge that the monsters are dead or alive. You will get more good weapons later. Now you have to continue to arm yourself and find more powerful equipment. Remember, only 3 greandes can be carries at a time. Grenades can be very powerful against a lot of enemies.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: remind! The weapon can be obtained by collecting the blueprint of the weapon. And, every weapon brings different experiences. It's the only way for you to survive. In the game, you can only carry 3 grenades and 3 bottles of healing potion. But you can increase the number of carrying by talent.
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Tutorial Hopeless Raider(wiki): collect three identical zombie cards to redeem the box and you can see the zombie diary. Remember to pick up the selected supply truck items in the next day. Each upgrade will add new talent points. There will be a new skill in the talent that will bring you more convenience.
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