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Welcome to Codinental. My name is Cheat-on and i’ll be helping you manage your new hotel. I only offer services to highly qualified people, and i’ve heard only great things about you. Together we can surely offer our guests an extraordinary stay. I believe this business is new for you, so let’s start with the basics. It’s already 12:00 pm. That means check-in time has started. Our first customer is about to arrive.

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Now our guest will go to their room to leave their luggage. Their stay will be charged by the hour. Awesome, once the guest’s belongings are in the room, they can enjoy all the services the hotel has to offer. We could take the opportunity to purchase some items to improve the room. Let’s purchase a bedside table to make things more comfortable for our guest. It will increase room profits. Now the room has a higher price, so the client will pay more for it every hour. We could upgrade the water closet now. It’s greatly appreclated by our guests, and essential for a comfortable stay.

Hotel Empire Tycoon cheats, hack codes

Basic needs are now covered. Let’s watch our guest using the hotel’s services. Oh, it’s already lunchtime! And we haven’t hired any chefs yet! Guests won’t be able to eat in the restaurant. Quickly, let’s go to the restaurant and hire a chef. Tap the restaurant staff tab to manage the team of chefs. Now that we have a chef our restaurant can offer dining services at our hotel. Every time a guest uses any of the hotel’s services, we’ll get immediate profits. SO make sure to improve them. Increasing profits is always a good thing.
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But there’s something important you must not forget: staff wages. Each time they finish their shift we must pay them their wages. SO we have to manage our finances really carefully! If our cash balance is negative, it will hinder our growth. Staff could even resign! So i strongly recommend you to adjust the number of staff whenever necessary to avoid financial loses. But you shouldn't worry about this prematurely. We still have other things to see about running the hotel. One of them is the hotel's electricity supply.
Siege bed - the bed is on essential part of the room as it is where the guests rest. Improve it to increase profits. Bedside table - add functionally to the room and increase profits. Toilet - probably the second most important thing in a room. Table with chairs - necessary for guests to be able to eat at the restaurant.

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That should be it. You now know everything you need to start play working. To start off you should focus on improving the hotel by building more rooms in order to increase profits. Keep in mind that things should always be profitable. You may want to buy a new hotel in the future. Tips from guests are also important. Make sure to offer them the most extraordinary service. i’ll prepared a list of cheat codes for you. I’ll be at the back office in case you need me. Good luck! how and where enter

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