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Hack House Flipper Home Renovation: cheat List
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Faster: actions, selling, cleaning, painting, tiling - ooZ7DqZRe
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House Flipper Home Renovation How & Where enter cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
So, you're starting your own business! Great, our cooperation has been going well, so now i want to help you as i already have experience. We still have a few more small jobs ahead of us before you go on your own. Let's get going. Walk around the house. Look for the goals of the task. You'll find more information on the bottom of the screen. Some tasks will only apply to the items selected by the customer.
Cleaning windows? It couldn't be easier! Slide your finger across the screen until the grass is shiny clean.
House Flipper Home Renovation Hack Basics
When you're in the right room, you'll quickly see what needs to be done. In this type of task, objects are highlighted in the color orange. When you pick up an object, the navigation buttons appear on the right side of the screen. You can rotate the object and, if necessary, return it to its original position. The option buttons will also be helpful. By selecting buy many, you specify that after setting the item you have just purchased, the same item will be selected from the store. Turning off the align to grid option will allow you to more precisely set and rotate the item.
House Flipper Home Renovation Hint & Tips
1. Finish order to level up and upgrade your tools.
2. The mop will allow you to clean the various kinds of dirt and remove cobwebs. Use it to make the room shine again.
3. Once you've been directed to certain items, shortcuts to their categories in the store will appear on the right side of the screen. Use them to quickly install or replace items.
4. Find cracks and holes in the walls. Once you are near them, use the plaster shortcut on the right side of the screen to buy a bucket of plaster.
5. Place the bucket in a convenient place, scoop the plaster on trowel and fill the crack.
6. To paint the walls you will need, of course, paint. Use the paint shortcut on the right side of the screen to purchase the color you need for the task. Place the bucket, put paint on the roller and paint the highlighted segments. When the paint on the roller runs out, wet the roller again. It you run out of paint, buy another bucket.
7. You need the right materials to cover the floors and walls. Use the tiles shortcut on the right side of the screen to select the type of tiles, wallpaper, or panels required for your order.
House Flipper Home Renovation Hack tools Version
House Flipper Home Renovation Redeem gift code
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date24 October 2020
Last Modified24 October 2020
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