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The first year of Z era, hazy. I’ve seen the world in turmoil. But now, everything is getting worse. People are like beasts, killing, looting and burning everything. At last, they block the city. I want to live! I must get out of here! I know more and more disappearances happened outside. I’m getting tired easily these days and always sleepy.

Hunger Tower hack

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Welcome to the desert of the real! This is the hunger tower! I’m Mr.Death, the system administrator. You can call me Cheat-on. IS this your first visit to the dungeon? I know, it’s not very famous. Anyway, let’s have a crazy time! Go through the door and enter the base fight.
Let’s start with normal attack. Enemy HP is very low. You just need to follow the guide and it can be easily solved. The one who first reaches the end will begin the round. Each punch costs 1 energy, which will be replenished at the beginning of the next round. Touch A key to use upper attack.

Hunger Tower cheats android, ios hack codes

1. fG0w7OPUJB - level up
2. JZVQs2HhHC - voucher
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Hunger Tower hack month card
Select role: balancer - the attributes are ordinary use gloves to gain a special feature: extra +1 energy point.
Attacker - a born combat expert, strong attack. Use long blade to gain a special feature: 30% attack bonus.
Indignant - your power of anger is unimaginable, strong critical damage. Use short blade to gain a special feature: the last stroke of the combo is a crit.
Defender - superb defensive ability, strong defense. Use gloves to gain a special feature: 50% chance of a perfect defense.
Hunger Tower wiki
Lucky dog - Whether picking up something or getting gold coins, you are on a roll. You can buy blessing potion with a higher rate of strengthening.
Collector - you are born to collect, having a bigger backpack than others. Walk faster than others, more initial number of props than others.

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6 GJNJHiicNH gold coins
7 1eR4HXFpQB month card
8 bWqKioDBd6 premium pack
9 6RVSQvUsHz gift pack
10 iGkOhhqjh3 vip ticket
11 3UW0znsezX talents

Hunger Tower gift code, hack, note.

Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Backpack - if there are any extra items, you can touch the decompose button to select items for decomposition. You will get coins and strengthen materials after decomposing high quality equipment.
  • See the details of the equipment and items. Each weapon has different combo. Choose one you need.
  • When you have enough energy points, you can play gorgeous combo and make more damage.
  • Different key sequences can play different combo. It is possible that the attribute buff will be triggered after a combo.

Hunger Tower tips
Hack cheats tutorial Hunger Tower(wiki):
Defense plays an important role in the fight. You must study hard. Monster will attack after flash. Defense according to the flash color at that moment. If the flash is blue, touch A key to defend. Be careful, too slow or too fast will fail to defend.
Return card - return to the hall after using it, you can take purified equipments back. Only purified items can be taken out. By consuming talent points, you can get different talents.
Hunger Tower tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Hunger Tower: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, keys.

Talents: Nuclear - 4 combo can be used talent point. Increases the maximum number of combos available per turn.
Hunger Tower tips to repair
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