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Hungry Shark Heroes cheat world: click the baby shark to add it to your tribe. Careful, it bites. Now that you have your first baby shark, the next step is to learn how to feed it, so it will grow big and strong. To feed you baby shark, you will first need a lobster fishery. A growing shark needs a lot of food. Building fisheries is the only way to produce enough food to keep your sharks from feeding on you. Click on the lobster fishery to speed up construction and skip to completion. Fisheries don't hold much food, so next you'll need to build some storage to keep what you've made.

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Building - click here to see all the other buildings you can currently make. Anytime you unlock a new building, you can find it here. Right now you need to buy some storage. You're on a roll! You've done so well that you've unlocked a new building. The feeding pool is ready for you to build. Sharks are, by nature, hungry creatures. Building a feeding pool will allow them to feed off of the food you have created and stored. Click the feeding pool to swim inside.

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Your shark looks pretty hungery. Time for a feeding. try to keep your fins out of its mouth. Click anywhere on screen to release food. You've now learned how to feed your sharks, so that they can grow up to be shark heroes. Now you have your fist adult shark, so it's time to explore the open ocean outside of your reef. Open ocean - here you can explore and see the world, but you will need to prove your strength in order to progress. Sunken pirate ship. Sometimes the humans have stuff worth eating like other humans.

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Battle: fighter sharks have an advantage when battling with assassins. Keep that in mind for future battles. Your victory has attracted attention. A new shark wants to join your tribe. Now that your tribe has grown, you can have two sharks on your team during a battle. You've completed the battle tutorial by learning the stregths and weaknesses of each shark type, and how to swap sharks during a battle. Battle arena - the Atlanteans were legendary for their fight prowess. Maybe the temple will reveal some of their combat secrets.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you will need at least three adult sharks in your tribe to continue to the next area. Better get busy breeding and feeding if you wnat to keep on competing. I mean convincing sharks to join you is one way to add sharks to your tribe. But you can also breed new ones by building the breeding pool. Dive into the breeding pool to start making baby sharks. It is easy, fun, and very rewarding. Breeding is not an exact science. However, before you start the process, you can give the odds a little nudge in your favor. Click any shark card to view its detail information.

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Tutorial (wiki): fishery can generate food automatically but it has limited room for storing food. First things first. Sharks are eating machines. Even baby ones. Let's go to the feeding pool to get your young hero fed. If you want to keep all of your fins, you'd better feed hungry baby quick. Sharks are literally born hungry. Completing quests will help you grow your reef much faster. Once you've finished a quest, you can return to clim your rewards. Your tribe has gotten larger, so you'll need to assign new sharks to your battle team. Click on the shark you want to add to your battle team, then click on the empty slot to assign it.

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