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Hunter Age The New Journey cheat world: prism crystals, powerful treasure of Naesala, Goddess of Wisdom. It is said that the crystals were so powerful, they could create everything, icluding the human being. but one day, one of Naesala's servants unwillingly dropped the prism crystals into the Earth. The crystals were broken into pieces, interfered with each others to form the prism Archipelago, the largest continent that ever exist on earth. This continent is covered by a mystical fog, the fog keep the continent's location unknown to the eyes of mortals.

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For thousand years, this is home for many different kinds of creature. Only chosen people can enter it through their dreams. Dream of being legendary hunters. They travel through the continent to challenge themselves and to fulfill their destiny.
Once upon a time, a servant of goddess of wisdom dropped unwillingly her powerful prism crystlas into the Earth. The crystal pieces interfered with each others and created the prism archipelago. Because it always changes its shape and location continuously, the hunters who dare to enter the archipelago to collect the materials fo legendary weapon counter a lot of challenges. To be the chosen one, they must be allowed by goddess of wisdom in their dreams. Let's begin the journey.

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First continental is Millennial woods. Be careful, this area is still a mystery to mankind. YOu can assign your team due to the mission. Do you know that you can use dropped items from enemy to equip or enhance your weapon? These materials are valuable. Use it to upgrade your sword or craft new things. Only a master of crafting could get legendary weapon. The more stars your weapon get, the more power you gain. Keep looking inside the shop, you can find useful items there with reasonable price.

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Characters: Elijah - is a talented assassin, he's fast and his blade is deadly, however, he is not good at defending himself from strong attacks of enemies, try not to use him as the shield for your team. Noah - is really strong at taking hits, you can lure strong enemies to attack him so you can take down that enemies without losing any member. Everleigh and Elenor's skills are very good at crowd controlling.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: opening 10 premium chests will allow you to get 1 bonus special chest which is guaranteed to contain rare, legendary runes or weapons. Everyday, you will have 5 free wooden chests and 1 free premium chest to open. So don't forget log in and check your free chests. There're several ways to build your team, either focusing on attack or defense, you can find them useful for different kind of tactic.

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Tutorial Hunter Age The New Journey (wiki): even without legendary weapons, you can pass all the levels with proper upgrading and reforging. Power may give you clue on how strong your enemy is, but it's not everything, the victory is based on how you build your team and what is your tactic. Weapons also come in sets, gather them to maximize your weapons ability.

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