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Free hack Huntercraft cheats code list - coupons, weapon, star points, promo ticket, z cents, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Huntercraft cheat world: welcome to the workshop - this is the main menu of the game. Here you can do everything from buying a weapon to changing game settings. Also here you can purchase your laboratory where you will conduct experiments on monsters. Settings: first of all - before starting the game we advise you to look into the settings menu.

Huntercraft hack

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Here you can change the graphics, controls and audio. Very flexible settings made for you convenience. Set up control under your own way. To do this, go to settings - manage controls.
Game locations - in this menu you will find a list of maps. These are the main game modes in which you will spend the most time. This list has many locations around the world.

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At the moment there are only three locations. Two of which are to be discovered by completing certain quests. The rest of the many locations are currently being developed and tested.
Store - this menu is the main source of weapons, traps, food, blocks and cases. Also in the store you can get cool characters who can help you in any situations. All that is purchased in a store for different currencies: z-cents, coupons, stars, etc.

Huntercraft wiki
Inventory - this menu is necessary not only for storing all sorts of items in your bag, but also to customize your team. Choose a player and two teammates assign ammunition to your chosen characters. Currency house - this is a list of all your currencies and exclusive items. In developing and addition, you can engage in barter and also follow the course of in-game currencies and participate in the auction.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Achievements and statistics - here is a list of your current and recent achievements. When you completed any of the achievement do not forget to get them in this menu. Also here is a general statistics of the game and a leaderboard that is currently being developed.
  • Ranks and experience - here is the menu of your experience and rank. Destroying monsters you earn rank points. For these points you are moving up the career ladder.
  • Ranks are divided into three types: bronze, silver and gold. Silver and gold open up unprecedented skills for the player.

Huntercraft tips
    Tutorial Huntercraft(wiki):
  • Arm yourself - click on the menu button in the quick inventory select a weapon. Quick inventory is 5 cells for quick access from all inventory cells.
  • Kill the zombie before he bit you. Shoot the limbs of a zombie for dismemberment.
  • Lure zombie into a trap - take a trap from inventory and put it on the ground.
  • You can use a rocket launcher for a multiple kill.

Huntercraft tutorial

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  • 1. 7BsPq94N06r7biu - gold rank
  • 2. gTXof9iOiLdLxs8 - weapon
  • 3. f7Xk5Uszetd2WPB - z cents
  • 4. UVdVVtxINYFGoIV - promo code
  • 5. J5BW3qrQJcJWGFA - coupons
  • 6. 4EDi6omNBrXvlCE - star points
  • 7. dEipphdeV0RTjBF - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. Vmc5ihzsohAXtrZ - premium pack
  • 9. HLfJLxhNBUWS2Au - chest
  • 10. LUjxxSg57Yw5wzY - vip ticket

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