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Cheat code story: my lord! The Abyss Lord has captured the royal castle! He has captured the king and his daughter, that is your bride. Free them as fast as you can! To do that, you need to fight the enemy army at the castle walls.
The Abyss Lord used a forbidden spell! Your army vanished. And so did the king and his daughter. First of all, we need to repair a barracks. Construction takes time, which we do not have. Let's use magic #cheat-code. Barracks - this room allows you to recruit a battle squad to launch attacks or defend your castle.

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hack Hustle Castle Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): let's begin training warriors! Send a free subject to the barracks. Arm your warriors, sir! The warriors are ready to pursue the Abyss Lord. With so many captives, he could not have gotten far.

cheat Step #2: You have saved a few people from your army. Now you have a few more subjects. We need to fortify our castle for the battles to come. First, build a dining hall so the dwellers have enough food. Great! YOu can now move the subjects rescued from captivity to the castle. Send one of your subjects to work in the dining Hall to provide the castle with food.

code Step #3: Appoint a treasurer to receive more gold for building and upgrading rooms in the castle. Now that life in the castle has been established, you should go back to commanding your army.

Hustle Castle Step #4: We need to upgrade the throne room to be able to further upgrade the castle's rooms. You are managing the castle brilliantly! Remember, your actions will always be handsomely rewarded. I have told you everything i know about castle keeping. From now on, you will do fine on your own.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Remember to build new rooms and upgrade the existing ones.
  • 2. When you begin upgrading the room, all actions being performed by the dwellers will be interrupted.
  • 3. If there are dwellers in a room that is being built, they reduce times required for construction or upgrade (#cheats-engine).
  • 4. Remember to claim rewards for quests you have completed.
  • 5. Have dwellers produce offspring in the living room (#hustle-castle).
  • 6. Goblin assistant - gathering resources for you and completing the training of castle residents even when you are away.
  • 7. Train the fighter class to make your dwellers more powerful. A high level of fighter significantly improves your chances of winning.
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