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A new android game where you have to repel the attack of a huge horde of opponents alone. You spawn in the middle of a ruined castle with no walls. All you have is a small hatchet. By destroying opponents, you get a small amount of money that can be spent on: improving weapons, equipment, or improving the castle. You can use the IEK7vBxD2 Hyper Fight cheat codes and get a legendary artifact. This artifact creates a magical sphere that deals damage to enemies. Enters the passwords you need or the hacking panel.

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1. JSFSKOMha 2. dju31OSSn 3. LZtsBbzZ9 4. w997LThTv 5. TFzXryvjD 6. Z2oHHkjbB 7. wV9NIokpl 8. DTHLMYHw7 9. MAyHLJKVK 10. 4rmXwEUEN

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