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Hyperspace Delivery Service Game story: you’ve been hired by the hyperspace delivery service to make a delivery to planet miridian V. Miridian V is the last stop on the Hyperspace planetary network which is the only known group of planets connected by stable hyperspace routes. Originally discovered and charted by the galactic deveopment Corp, this network of planets had habitat colonization modules setup and early terraforming efforts were initiated. The galactic development corp went bankrupt long ago and now traveling the network if a dangerous yet lucrative journey full of mad robot pirates and unpredictable stellar phenomenon.

Hyperspace Delivery Service hack

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Controls: Be sure to check the remaining days displayed on your nav computer often. Your cargo has been loaded onto your ship. Before you depart the system, visit the orbiting space station store to stock up on supplies. Hyperspace radiation will cause a constant degradation of ship and crew health. Make sure you have enough spare parts and med-kits. If you run low on credits during your journey, be sure to check your comms for new side jobs, traders, and other opportunities.
To get started, check the NAV screen to see what supplies are needed to jump to the next planet. To get supplies, you can purchase them at the store, use the options in the supply screen, trade, or take on jobs in the comm screen.

Hyperspace Delivery Service cheats, hack codes

Explore each screen to learn more about that section of the ship and how it can help you on your journey. Increasing your coolant ration may help with distance, but be careful of how much fuel you burn through. The ship comes to a sudden halt. After an exhaustive examination nothing appears wrong. Iniri kick their console in frustration and the ship starts up again. An explosive device is discovered within a crate that Okit claims they inspected before bringing it on board. It is about to go off.
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Engineering - place an intruder containment field around the crate. Science: bombard the crate with a high intensity telemetric scan. Doing so could scramble the explosives circuits. Security: attempt to shove the crate out the air lock. Hope - for the best and attempt to diffuse the bomb.
An errant missile that was fired from a ship over a billion years in the past has been traveling unimpeded through the vastness of space. It locks on to your ship and comes straight at you. The missle explodes as it hits your hull. Luckily, most of the missile’s playload dissipated over time and you take minor damage.

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