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I am the boss cheat world: fifteen years ago, my father built a huge gang empire with strong determination. He was assassinated in a fight. I was young and have no choive but to escape. Frank is my father's best friend, he protected me. Frank's strict training for me has taught me a lot of fighting skills. My personal ability has risen rapidly, but it is far from enough to revive my father's black empire.
Frank continued to teach me the way of survival of underworld, and wanted to expand power. He started taking me to make me deal woth all kinds of people.

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Either the underworld boss, the police or the powerful politiciam have become my target. This day has finally come, and i will inherit my father's hegemony and create my own underworld.
This house is yours from now on. Your fater paid for the construction. You should be the one who inherits it. In addition, let me introduce you cheat-on. In the future, he will be yourr butler to deal with different matters. I aslo recruited some very talented people to help you together. Nishizawa and John were your father's right hands. There are other mobster except them. These two guys have also been taker care of by your father and are now willing to assist you.

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Boss, you have just started, you can try to click housekeeper, and proceed with operation or recruitment. The mobster attributes reflect the strength of the mobster. Upgrading the mobster and improve talents can strengthen mobster's attributes. Monster attributes is key to overall power, so go and upgrade mobsters. To strengthen talents, you need to consume world secrets that correspond to talent types. Talent of different star level vary in upgrade success probabilities and upgrade benefits.

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Accumulation of sufficient talent experience can also strengthen the talent, and the success is guaranteed. If you have any doubts look at the rules in the upper left corner. CE - affect the power of deputies. Busines - affect the amount of cash you can get from cash management. Machine - affect the amount of supplies you can get from supplies management. Charisma - affect the amount of deputies you can get from recruitment.
You should now go out and see the world. Click go out and go to see the chaotic street.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: when your mobsters reach 15, you can unlock a boxing fight. After you pass 2 Viktor, you can unlock the abandoned factory. Experience the heat behind closed doors. Major decisions affect plot trends. Spill blood for territory and resources. Bolster your ranks with loyal henchmen. Boost your influence with martial unions. Run your racket wisely and build your empire.

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Tutorial I am the boss (wiki): improving machine attribute can increase materials earned from material mangement. Start off as the leader of a small-time gang, and work your way to the top. Recruit members off the streets, and they may one day become your loyal brothers-in-arms. Hone their talents of the trade and run your underground businesses so you can keep the war going. When you retire to your sprawling mansion at night, you can visit a private bevy of lovers and foster the future generation for even greater influence. Sit atop the throne of the king of the underworld, and bend others to your will!

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