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Hey boss! There you are. We finished entertainment city, so we’re all set for the grand opening. We were waiting for you!
Look, the customer just parked the car, taking one parking space. Customers will keep coming, so let’s now see how the shopping works out.
Customers will sit down at a table and wait foe their commodity. Once they finish shopping, they will pay the bill and go to the parking lot to validate the ticket and leave.

Idle Business Empire Tycoon hack

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Right now we only have a ice cream car, but we’ll expand the business step by step. Let’s improve the ice cream car and increase out profit. Improving the ice cream car will give us more money per customer.
Oh no, the parking lot is full! We need to fix this to accommodate more customers. Tap the parking sign.

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Parking lot - the number of people that can access the food court depends on the size of the parking lot. Improve it to get more customers. Advertising - increase the number of arriving peoples. If we want more customers, we have to invest in advertising.
It seems we have problems helping the peoples. They shouldn’t have to wait that long! Let’s build another pay station so they won’t have to wait for so long.
Idle Business Empire Tycoon wiki
The pay stations manage the parking tickets. The faster they work, the faster customers can leave and free up parking spots. Upgrade pay station - reduces the time needed to have parking ticket validated.
Oh, i almost forgot about the home delivery trucks. Tap the, to collect money from our home delivery service. Tap the information office to see all the different buildings you can build to make your commodity court grow!

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  • For now, we should fouces on the ice cream car while making sure the pay stations and parking lot run smoothly. That'll make us more money in a hurry. If everything goes well, we'll soon be able to open a new commodity court in a bigger city.
  • Buildings - here you can build and expand your buildings and facilities to increase profit.
  • BBQ shop - the perfect place to spend between lunch and dinner time. With free wi-fi.

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Use your unique vision to invest in the hottest industries, expand your market and earn more money. Use your best business mind to create the unique business empire and become a legendary business tycoon. Ready to become a legend in this world full of business opportunities? Move your finger and touch the screen to realize the dream of your new android game!
Idle Business Empire Tycoon tutorial

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