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Idle Courier Tycoon redeem codes

Finally i found you, Boss. I’m your assistant. Our new courier has been completed. Today is your first day since taking over the business, so let me show you how to operate the courier. The van is coming! It collects customers’ parcels and returns for sorting. Later you can consider buying more vans to speed up the transportation of goods.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): The vans will automatically unload the goods, and the packages are directly transported to the sorter by the conveyor belt. The first group of goods has been unloaded and entered the sorting area. These goods are stationery, so the sorter will assign them to packing machine 1. Let me tell you more about it.
cheat, Step #2: Packing is the most important step - this is how you earn money from customers. Currently, we only have packing machine 1 for stationery, but under your management, i believe that we will gradually expand our business in the future. Upgrading the packing machine is a good way to raise our revenue.
Idle Courier Tycoon code, Step #3: We need to increase the number of docks, otherwise packages won’t get to the packing area, which decreases revenue. Transit area - ensure that the capacity is sufficient to provide the collection service. The more goods transported, the higher the logistics courier income. Build unloading doc - the dock links with sorter, increasing the capacity of the dock by +1 to improve the sorting speed.
Step #4: Great, lots of packages. But more goods means the sorter speed must keep up. Let’s upgrade the sorter to reduce the sorting time. Sorting area - the sorter distributes goods to suitable packing machines, and the efficient sorter will handle more goods. Modify sorter - increase the number of terminals by +1, delivering the goods to the corresponding packing machine.

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1. cPgSmGzP3Y4s12a
2. 1iev44vx5BiEe2j
3. d7VJGYCfFRV8tmx
4. Xt69QzRLtGtl3UN
5. 3oZ6RTrHB3kY6Ss

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