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Intern mage burned down the magic school by mistake. He was exiled and sent home. He was thinking about inheriting blacksmith craft of his father, but found no one when he went back.
”Dear Son, i broke the sealstone and many monsters ran out. There’s a tower building manual, which can help you build turrets. I am going to Antarctica, so you must protect the crystal.”

Idle Defense Dark Forest hack

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For his family’s ancestral crystal, he has to fight. You still remember that you have a home. Unfortunately, your house will be demolished by the monsters soon. I am a nightmare knight, and this crystal is my fate. If you want to protect it, deploy your defenses right now. Wait for five seconds to build the turret.
The construction is completed, but your rookie’s work cannot stop the monsters. It needs a further transformation.

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Transformation - that’s the key to save your masterpiece. There’s still room for further improvement when the strength reach to a certain level.
Start when you get ready for it. I hope that i’m not wasting my time. Stay alive, boy.
The boss in front of you will not be hurt by your weak power arrow tower. Do you still remember those little trick that you leaned at the wizards school - hack cheats code? Save your power and give it a powerful strike.
Idle Defense Dark Forest wiki
You are too slow. It took me forever to wait for this upgrade step of level 10. Take secrete key, the chest left by the ancestors is very precious. Open it, the tower that you got from chest is put in your bag. Well, place it on the battlefield.
Although evolution causes an possible change to other types of turret, unfortunately the level of your masterpiece is low. Evolve it to 1 star first.
As you seen, the combat power of the wooden arrow tower has increased significantly after evolution, but still far from a beginner. You’d better take an action of you want to protect your crystal.

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  • Purchase vip - permanent triple speed, receive 4 secret keys per day.
  • New type of idle tower defense game: summon ancient demons as assistants, build the God rank turret, be a master of turret designer.
  • Use crystal to summon ancient demons. The various forms of demons give you combat efficiency. Once you are defeated, invoke an ancient demon as your assistant. There is no possibility to lose this battle.

Idle Defense Dark Forest tips
Hack cheats tutorial Idle Defense Dark Forest(wiki):
Towers: wooden arrow - launch arrows caused physical damage. Current damage is 4, range will be enhanced after evolvement.
Magic turret - magic attack, effectively defeat shield enemies and boss. Continuous guided attack, longer time with stronger power. Priority attack shield enemy. Skill: lightning - strikes the enemies close to crystal, the tenth critical strike.
Build up different types of combat turrets and use terrain advantages to defeat the enemies. A variety of defense towers help you passing level easily with strategies.
Idle Defense Dark Forest tutorial

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