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Idle Dynasty cheat world: welcome! Allow me to walk you through the tutorial, my Lord. Different slots suit different heroes, front row for high CON and CHR heroes, middle row front row is more suitable for heroes with high CON and CHR growth middle row and back row is more suitable for heroes with high PWr or INT growth. There are all kinds of benefits, don't forget to claim them.

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You can equip the weapon you acquired. Proceed to hero list and tap view. Tap hero empty equipment slot and equip gear. As you reach higher level, you can equip better gear. Legend gear has extra special stats. Tap battlefield quickly dive into battle, adjust your formation to level up more efficiently. Please tap IDLE button - your heroes will be in this stage eternal auto battle, get stage rewards with ease.

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YOu won the battle with ease, you can now challenge the stage boss map. Boss may drop better items, try your luck and get more materials. Recruit new heroes in th shop. The heroes will fight for you even you close the game. Tier Up, Title Ranks, Formations, tons of ways to increase your Power and Combat Efficiency!

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Arena - fight other players for higher rank. Win fame to excahnge for rare items and gears. Elite stage - gain experience and materials to become stronger. Clear 20 stages to unlock a new elite stage. Freedom in building your army and formation, they are as strong as you can imagine them to be! How great of a strategist are you? Show your skills in Cross-Server Last Stand!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: my lord, vip 3 benefit has been activated, please take 1000 gold and head over to claim your free vip rewards. First recharges all give 10x the recharge value! The flames of war burns once more, battle horns rise and the smoke of destruction rises in the air. Your army awaits your command! Build your best army! Develope your unique strategies! Relics, Weapons, Legendary Armors at your fingertips!
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Tutorial Idle Dynasty (wiki): Event - 7 days. Rues: sign in the first 7 days of new site and claim gold and materials. Recharge to target amount and receive relics, rare heroes, gold boxes and keys! Note: if you miss a reward from day 1, you can reacharge on day 7 and still claim the reward.
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