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Free hack Idle Fantasy cheats code list - gold, summon stone, shards, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Idle Fantasy cheat world: hi there! Welcome to the world of android game! We are glad to have you here as a new adventurer. Let’s recruit some members from tavern first. Use celestial wine Idle Fantasy celestial wine to recruit a 3-4 star hero. Superior summon Idle Fantasy Superior summon grants you a 2-5 star hero. Deployed heroes will auto battle, and you will gain rewards continuously. We got some hero shards from defeating the boss! Let’s summon heroes from “backpack”.

Idle Fantasy hack

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Heroes in the front will take more damage. You can later switch hero position according to your strategy. Tap the level-up button to enhance the hero. When a hero levels up, his or her power will increase. Equiping gear is another way to increase power. Remember, besides auto battle loots, there are various daily rewards for you.

Idle Fantasy cheats android, ios hack codes

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Idle Fantasy hero - Donned in the ocean marked robe signifying the Federation of the Seven Seas. Frequents the tavern, only answers the summon of those who are destined. Addictive 3d idle RPG with hundreds of unique characters. Strategic spells combo decks and various class combinations. Castable spells provide you with maximum fun of Idle game.

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Dominate the global seasonal arena and guild war PvP. Gathering resources and upgrading heroes while offline. Idle Fantasy events - tap here to check some cool events.Idle Fantasy sign in hack - tap here to get today’s login prize! There are 4 star hero and so many free diamondsIdle Fantasy diamonds cheat. Don’t forget to log in everyday! Daily quests reset every morning at 5:00.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Join guild war actively and help your guild get better result.
  • Choose option carefully in exploration or you may lose your teammate.
  • Different faction composition offers different aura effect.
  • Energy will slowly accumulate during battle.
  • All gears hacked in game are given a quality rating that is defined by the types of items. From low to high quality: Non-set, Savant, Warrior, Royal, Immortal, Death, Classical, Frost, Burning dragon, Red Lotus.

Idle Fantasy tips
    Tutorial Idle Fantasy(wiki):
  • You can disassemble heroes or equipments that you don't need in Altar.
  • You can replace the hero you want in tavern.
  • Crowd control skills can interrupt enemy when they are casting skills.
  • Your idle reward will be increased by passing more stages in battle.
  • Collect 40 shards to summon the hero.

Idle Fantasy tutorial

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  • 1. V93gUORPtrxkqYQ - wish crystal
  • 2. LmA9ulliWmyq4CV - summon stone
  • 3. 6MmBsAZusHf7kRT - resources
  • 4. pBzIOvOtcels8Lj - promo code
  • 5. yJz6rA5Qjketa0G - gold
  • 6. yTBxJ7gejRDtu21 - shards
  • 7. DWeMWPM3YRWLP6U - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. sfE8hShVmiCa7Ay - premium pack
  • 9. ydk7rE2KbeeEWWK - chest
  • 10. sniSunUzSwlDHkq - vip ticket

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