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Idle Fighters Cheats
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expand slots - #f9Inh7kmV
evolution - #Z4wx6iy9D
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purchase 5 star item - #txjgPla3U
1 Month Card code - #z3m8JW2aX
upgrade cheat - #kPu7VnLd9
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Boss Package - #0l3DHGxlw
secret combination - #ycHN4muaq
level up - #l8XGvapgn
10000 golds - #2eY3aCUku
booster - #JTkbBVoSl
special reward - #KFeNwBnCn
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Bruce - inflict damage of 200% of ATK; push the enemy back and put them to sleep for 5 seconds.
Spencer - fire shock wave and inflict penetration damage to enemies at the front in a straight line.
Rachel - inflict AOE damage to enemies nearby.
Defense battle
In defense battle, you must annihilate all enemies before the base is destroyed. You will fail if your base is destroyed.
Hint & tips
1. Retreat order: ordering your fighters to retreat is sometimes a useful tactic. During battle, melee fighters may be confused due to the blue line restriction, and that’s when you might need to retreat.
2. You can enhance your stats in defense battle with cheats codes, research, Idle Fighters hack tools, but keep in mind that these enhancements are only applied in defense battle.
3. Base def: ranged fighters are not attacked enemies, but base DEF will be calculated according to the HP and DEF of ranged fighters.
Fighter participation
Because the base is very narrow, only one fighter of each type, with the highest combat power can participate. The 5 combat power of fighters who do not participate will be added to the combat power of the participating fighter. Need more? Use cheats Idle Fighters codes, hack tools.
Ranged & melee attack area
Ranged fighter have an advantage against enemies at a distance, but they cannot attack enemies within the red line. The location of the fighter does not affect attack range, as the range is calculated by the front line.
Melee fighters can only move within areas within the blue line. If enemies are outside the blue line, they cannot be attacked. The blue line can be adjusted in-game by tapping the blue area.
Patch Version
Idle Fighters Redeem gift code
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