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Cheat Idle Fossil Museum hack android, ios code

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Hack Idle Fossil Museum: cheat List
tickets x10 - use hack lXa1FKvdD
stamina restore x100 - enter pass e8TBEkigs
super scan x100 - 1ZcqbGBY2
bombs x100 - D2cd43c5o
diamonds x5,0000 - zRyecwxjF
talents x100 - 1rzzJHZeU
Month Card x1 code - 8nt76X064
upgrade cheat - 4VNb1DKGV
daily gift bag x10 - PKYn3FsRa
secret combination - kMQHJxU3X
level up - rKxXLUGz2
game speed x10 - F9end7HRt
advanced gift - 2yavpY4Li
random employee fragments x100 - R1EM5BE9q
supreme chest - DeQIrS8y6
time leap - ZLrDzWjrU
special reward - f0NGTYuRr
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Welcome, it's my pleasure to invite you to manage the old museum. Visitors seem less interested in this incomplete fossil skeleton, but we are still going to accept their kindness. This is the first showroom. Decorate it to make it more beautiful. Upgrade the selected showroom and increase the income by tapping on the upgrade button. After upgrading the venue, it will not only become beautiful, but also get additional revenue bonus.
Idle Fossil Museum Hack Basics
we have professional archaeologists. Send them now to dig out the rest parts of this fossil skeleton. Every time you go out there will be a clear excavation goal, oh, you can go back with a full car. The detector can help you find the buried fossils faster. Let's see what else is waiting for you to finish. Follow the guide and you make it much easier. Now we have enough money to open the second showroom to the visitors. It will bring us more profits.
The level of our museum has increased. As the level increases, more visitors will visit our museum, and new dinosaur skeletons will appear.
Hint & Tips
1. We can accelerate the security check by upgrading security facilities. In order to maintain the order, visitors have to wait in line for security check before entering the museum. Please remember to upgrade the security check speed when the queue is full.
2. You can also increase the speed of security check by obtaining lightning security check.
3. The energy of the archaeologist - the excavation will be finished when the energy is used up. Stamina cheat code - can restore his energy.
4. We can increase the number of visitors in the showroom by upgrading its visitor capacity.
5. Bombs can blow up 3x3 pieces of earth, but can't be placed on obstacles.
6. Super scanners can scan up to 5x5 pieces of soil and mark one of the fossils.
Idle Fossil Museum Talent system
Congratulations for opening the talent system. Archaeologists' performance in the wild has a lot to do with the talent system. Every level you upgrade, you can get 1 talent point. use talent points to learn different talent skills, And you only need to spend a small amount of diamonds to reset talent skills.
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Idle Fossil Museum Redeem gift code
1. hKbDyfhXWzyo4IC
s 2. BRUmbv9Oy9Yvoys
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date09 October 2020
Last Modified09 October 2020
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