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In a fantastical world of heroes and monsters evil monsters are attacking innocent lands and hoarding their treasures. You must command and train heroes to defend the remaining stockpiles. Before the forces of evil unleash their newfound power.
Hordes of enemy orcs, pirates and evil monsters are incoming! Luckily, we have a ragtag band of heroes available for hire, and you were chosen to command and train them!

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Tap the main menu button in the bottom left corner to unlock your first hero. Unlocking new and more powerful heroes is crucial. The rarer a hero, the better their damage and spells will be. Click the buy button in the rare heroes panel. This menu will displayed all the heroes you just bought. YOu can view stats and info for the hero by tapping his row. Click the new character that you just unlocked.

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Place heroes in strategic positions. Corner placements typically give heroes the most time of attack to efficiently use their range. Tap the glowing placement flag. Here you will find all of your currently unlocked heroes. For some reason, you are able to build a hero. I guess because this is a tower defense game. So they’re actually towers, not heroes?
Idle Hero TD wiki
Click the build button to place the newly unlocked militia character. Great, your first soldier is in position. But before we start slaying some monsters, we should upgrade him one more level. We wouldn’t want to leak on the very first wave! That would be embarrassing.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Click the upgrade button to improve the militia's damage.
  • Just remember to keep unlocking new heroes and upgrade them as you earn gold from kills or cheats.
  • Your heroes will auto attack and auto cast spells. But you can also play more efficiently by clicking an enemy to focus target it with all heroes, and manually cast "power spells" often.
  • If a single monster gets past your defences... The treasure will instantly be lost, and you be will forced to retreat and start over at a new location.
  • But don't worry - even through you start over, you keep all your hero levels and boss key.

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Hack cheats tutorial Idle Hero TD(wiki):
I recommend buying a second tower as soon as possible.
Wave 500 is required to spawn “bounty bosses”. Bounty bosses drop skill tree keys, which you can use to unlock some of the most powerful upgrades and bonuses in the game.
Game speed x2 - increase the game speed by x2, essentially doubling your progress speed.
Speedy waves - increase enemy spawn and movement speed quicker progress, but more difficult.
Idle Hero TD tutorial

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