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From the review just now, I'm sure you already understand how dangerous our world is and, as such, just how important huntresses are. After passing today's exam, those huntresses - who carry the fate of the people on their shoulders - will become your team members. As their captain, you must command and look after them well. Your main job as a captain is to lead your team around the world and rid it of dragons. At the same time, you'll meet all kinds of other huntress teams. As they're all your seniors, you can always challenge them and learn from their combat techniques to increase their strength. Don't worry. We're all from the Huntress Society and will stop at the end of the fight. The Huntress Society has deemed this to be the most simple, effective, and practical way to increase your team's strength. Now, please give challenging a huntress team a try! Sarutobi Sasuke, I'll leave the temporary team member demonstration to you!

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