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Cheat Idle Investor hack android, ios code

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Hack Idle Investor: cheat List
3000 gold bars - use hack #kzmAQdXg2
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1 Month Card code - #ZyCYclsqV
upgrade cheat - #hfWyi2pDT
game speed x20 - #qyJd5DmCA
weekly gift bag - #MTU5zGQh5
secret combination - #zl7iFeHWr
level up - #8bjqm9vxy
ato clicker - #GBRJzRYjA
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premium booster - #HpTHxCwUX
special reward - #HUlsdSKcC
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Hello, investors! We finally got you, and i hope you have a good journey on the way to our town. As you can see, our town is close to the highway. A lot of tourists will come here for a vacation and it will not let you down. We will charge a certain toll for every car passing through the toll booth.
Idle Investor Hack Basics
Our tourists had already parked and checked in at our hotel, which is charged by retention time. Tourists have already entered our restaurant and hopefully they will enjoy the food here.
Now that we don't any other services, the tourists are going to leave. We can upgrade our restaurant to make more money. Upgrade restaurant - increase revenue. Increase capacity - you need to reach level 200 of restaurant to be able to increase the capacity. Increase queue - increase the number of tourists that can wait in line by +1.
Hint & Tips
1. Don't forget to upgrade the hotel to accommodate more tourists. The number of cars that can access the town depends on the size of the hotel. Each occupied room brings money for you. Hire security guards to increase your hotel profits.
2. We're in the off season of tourism and it's time to attract more tourists. First, upgrade our billboard. Market advertise - use the advertisements in various medias to attract more tourists to your town.
3. Having done with the tourist demand, we need to open a new entrance to improve our efficiency.
4. By hiring a senior assistant, your town will be taking a longer period of offline revenue while you are away.
5. Upgrade investor - all your industries in town will be rest, but you will get faster growth than before. The purchased product will not be rest.
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Idle Investor Redeem gift code
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Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date20 September 2020
Last Modified20 September 2020
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