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Good to see you! Take charge of our troops and repel the barbarians from Idleville! Attack the enemy fortress with our troops. Drag your soldiers onto the battlefield. Nice work! The barbarians have retreated. And we looted a treasure chest! Here are some keys. You can use them to open the chest immediately. That was worth it! Use the money you plundered to rebuild Idlevile.

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Build the farm to help us get the town back in shape! Upgrade the farm, as soon as you have enough money. Your buildings also allow us to amass glory. Earn glory until Idleville reaches the next level. In order to upgrade the mill, we’ll need to work on the farm first. Upgrade the farm to level 5.

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Next, you can build the lumberjack cabin. Continue expanding the town and react town level 5. Done, we now have new units. Go check them out! Ornithopter - the perfect choice for countering hostile airborne units. Now it’s time to strike fear into the heart of that last Barbarian! Play the Ornithopter - it flies over hostile ground units.
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Discard the sword fighter - this will give you 1 energy. With the battle experience we gained, we can upgrade our troops. Now we’re well equipped for both offense and defense. The scholars are now able to make paper and print scratchcards, A win for all of us! Reach town level 10! Your subjects are busy preparing a surprise for you. In the meantime, why not fight a few battles?

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  • Sword fighter - cheap and speedy unit. Use it to put pressure on your opponent.
  • Come back every day to get amazing rewards such as blueprint pieces!
  • Conquer city after city and face off against dragons and sea monsters on your crusade. Innumerable challenges await with each new city!

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  • Select an avatar and a name so that you can battle other players or contribute to the wonder of the world.
  • You can also pick your picture and name from social media accounts.
  • Action-packed battles with friends and strangers will keep you on the edge of your seat. Defeat your opponents and become the new champion!

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