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Free hack Idle Knights cheats code list - increase damage, characters, skill, promo ticket, ruby, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Idle Knights cheat world: the Demon king who once ruled the world gets defeated by the nine heroes, and peace is restored in the world. The nine knights started to fight among themselves to claim the world, and the world falls back into chaos. Then, the demon king resurrects and returns from the dead. The knights are defeated by the one hand sword Kane, and their weapons are scattered and hidden various parts of the world.

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We must find the divine weapons as soon as possible. Destroy the body section (the long 2nd HP gauge) and kill the monsters. Follow the quest on the upper right part of the screen. You can check the quest details by tapping on the magnifying glass icon. A new character slot has been unlocked. Tap on the set party button and set a character.

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Checking the skill board status is more important then the character’s rarity when setting a party. Character with more skill board puzzles filled is easier to grow. Character rarities are classified as: B, A, S, R, SR, and UR grades. YOu can buy skills from shop> skill, and set it in desired slot. You will gain gold and material items immediately after killing the monsters or hack cheats code, but EXP will be calculated and issued after defeating the boss monster at every 10 floors.

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Various contents are unlocked as the commander’s level increases. ATK, attack speed, and movement speed are significantly increased when you activate the rapid battle. But remember, tension is consumed each time you activate it. Tension is recovered automatically in time. Head: skill is disable if this section is destroyed. Body: character is killed if this section is destroyed. Arm: ATK is reduced by 1/2 if this section is destroyed. leg: attack speed is reduced by 1/2.

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