Cheats hack Idle Landlord code: auto clicker, time jump, diamonds, gold, employee booster codes Idle Landlord Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat Idle Landlord hack android, ios code

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Hack Idle Landlord: cheat List
auto clicker - use hack KtLxwBLUO
time jump - enter pass uGrCgie3U
diamonds x1000 - OMKPp2LVc
premium employee - b23Ry9tiP
game speed x20 - HPwtmvxBL
booster - Wfn1r1RTS
Month Card x1 code - 9oNysLxXq
upgrade cheat - QrjiFkGIy
off ads - FO92w49Et
daily gift bag x10 - 7ecd2Gyxi
secret combination - fmdcXpVfT
level up - gw7htgxrD
happy coins event - R2NujOP8U
fame - dggERg1rb
special reward - gvrMpiMfG
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Game Story
I'm your secretary, let's create a business empire together. Let's unlock the first store. Click to collect store profits. Collected many times. Upgrade the store to get more profits. Complete tasks can get various rewards. Let's collect 100 gold coins first. Have your fingers cramped? Recruit an employee to help you. Employees are great partners and they will help collecting money when you off line.
Idle Landlord Hack Basics
The challenge task is completed. Click the task list to see more challenges. Upgrade more stores to get more challenging tasks. Click batch can upgrade multiple levels at a time, which is more efficient. Diamonds can buy things that money can't, like time jumps. Time jump will let you get some extra benefits! The and get 12 hour's profit. Interact with customers to get bonus. You have mastered the business skills, and our business empire will be all over the world under your leadership.
Hint & Tips
1. World icon - tap to view the business map.
2. Receive the title of honorary mayor. Now you can go to the new city.
3. Open your backpack and use items to get extra bonus.
4. The fame feature is unlocked. You cna buy profit boosters with fame. You can gain fame through a briefing, the more wealth, the more fame. Buy items to upgrade your fame and get more fame bonus.
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Idle Landlord Redeem gift code
1. kBEwpQd1s6sqcFX
2. 8e3h6tvpw0VyMO9
3. HiBFGg9SzxVn8o9
4. 6f4d4uq5nyMBukf
Released BySolarios
CategoryCheats codes
Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date30 September 2020
Last Modified30 September 2020
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