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summon x10 - use hack wiieOodzv
gold - enter pass KwCfz4Ptm
evolve - 3EbOoIEym
crystals - 2Rf82i5X5
$34.99 PACK - jLXNdmOvC
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Month Card x1 - ZlFOVRoSn
upgrade - lGzNB8mR2
daily gift bag x10 - n53nQiUWJ
secret combination code - fa2i7kKCz
level up - rUdzQqHL1
unlock all heroes - lUWgCPPTA
enhance gear (max lvl) - jNYEkub2T
VIP 15 status - C6mkSVDRO
sweep ticket - 5tfYQ7ZM9
friendship point - PLFJQHxm3
Idle League Rise of Gods How & Where enter cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
Once upon a time, there was a chaotic willpower sleeping in the depth of the vast multiverse. It woke up every billion years and broke into numerous fragments, resetting the enemy of the multiverse. Then parallel universes started to interveined with each other. Forces with unknown intentions have intruded. Dreadful havoc is approaching.
Demons, and Titans only the one who rebuilds the willpower with its fragments can determine the fate of the world. Now, the journey has begun. You don't just stand there! Monsters are attacking people. We need to help them!
Idle League Rise of Gods Hack Basics
I'm ready, put me on the battlefield. I need a soldier, let's go with the spear soldier. Are you ready? Let's fight! They're outrageous. It's time to unleash my wrath. They shall suffer the power of my ultimate skill. Put me at the center of the team so that my spells can cover more enemies.
I can't hang around for too long. There are others out there awaiting my help. You are strong enough to hold your own. Goodbuy, for now, continue your journey and be courageous. Should you find yourself in trouble, i'll surely come to your aid.
Idle League Rise of Gods Hint & Tips
1. Melee heroes cannot make normal attacks at the back row.
2. Missions: claim loot; enhance gear; give out friendship point; enter insta - idle mode; summon heroes in hall of Gods; challenge hall of infinity; join guild tema hunt; join arena challenge.
3. Newbie camp: for the first 5 days of rookie training, 3 sets of missions will be unlocked every day. Rewards will be given if all missions are completed before the end of event.
Idle League Rise of Gods Hero info
Selene hack 2zYCcrq7m - played a vital role in ancient Greek witchcraft. The Greeks believed the phases of the moon had an influence on human life - that a full moon would prosperity while a waning moon would hinder the growth of everything, which would in turn benefit the healing of diseases or the exorcising of evils. Residents of Thessalia also believed that witches would cast spells during lunar eclipses. Up until the Hellenistic period, Selene was regarded as vessel of souls. Selene was the first god brought to this strange world by the power of Yggdrasil, in order to return to her world.
Freyr cheat jI0IgzttN - is the god of prosperity of the Nordic land and the king of Alfhemir, the realm of the Elves. He is associated with sowing, harvest, grazing and reproduction. Legend also has it that he, along with Baldr, are associated with light and sunshine. Under his ruling, Elves have done many good deeds int he world. Freyr often patrols his realm riding the golden boar Gullinbursti and blesses his people with peace and joy. His shining sword of victory allows him to fly in the sky, and his ship can carry all the gods with their weapons.
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