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Game Story
Long ago, the world was overcome by a powerful force known as the darkness. Despite their differences, the Old Gods of the 4 great tribes united to crush the Darkness. With the darkness defeated, they returned to their old territories, and old disputes. But now the darkness has returned more powerful than ever, and the old Gods are blind to the threat. Only by slaying the Old Gods, and uniting their followers into your own tribe, can you avoid the coming apocalypse.
Idle Monster Frontier Hack Basics
Welcome to your home base. I've been sent from the Aether to help you defeat the Darkness. I brought some monsters for you to choose from for your first team. Take your pick. Use the travel buttons in the top right to send your monster afield. Tap quickly anywhere in the upper world area to give your monsters a speed boost of up to 80% before upgrades. Every monster you defeat has a small chance to drop itself. Toad is a great healer, and definitely worth keeping. When every member of your team falls, they'll respawn at your home base. Use gold or cheat codes (letter hack tools) to level up your monsters; their stats will increase with each level.
Hint & Tips
1. The stat that a monster attacks with is shown in yellow; mages use INT, and warriors use STR. VIT is a monster's health and SPD is attacks per second.
2. Aside from levels, monsters can be powered up with Traits. Tap a monster's column to see more details about them and their traits.
3. Every monster is born with a core Trait, which can't be transferred or unlearned, and an increasing number of secondary trait slots based on their rarity, which may or may not be filled. This common monster has 1 slot, which is currently empty.
4. You can learn secondary traits from other monsters by using the learn button, but the monster that contributes the trait will be consumed. Capturing and consuming wild monsters to learn their rare traits can be even more important than your monster's level.
5. Slime is a debuffing mage with a powerful core trait that can greatly lower the attack speed of the enemy team leader. They'll spawn when you get back home.
Team order is important. You can quickly re-arrange members of your team at any time by dragging and dropping the columns in the overview. Go ahead and drag your Elephant to the front so that it can absorb most of the incoming damage with its high VIT. Likewise, your healers and other mages should usually be kept near the back to protect them from damage. Enter Idle Monster Frontier cheats codes and drag your Toad to the back. According to the map above, there's an enemy outpost at map 6. Here's 1000 gold. Level up, then head for that outpost. Every 10 levels your monsters will need to consume other monsters from your inventory to reach the next level. Raise the flag at the end of the outpost to claim it for your team. Once claimed, you can teleport to the furthest outpost from your home base.
You've reached the Frontier! Every map beyond your furthest conquered outpost is considered the Frontier, and is indicated by the sparkly marker at the top of your screen.
Fighting on the Frontier is more challenging than elsewhere, with more rare monster encounters, but it's the only place to capture powerful legendary and master rarity monsters after upgrading your barracks. Hack tools, daily and epic quests are now available to you, as well as instant outpost travel to the Frontier. Note the cost of outpost travel. Until your team is capable of consistently pushing far enough into the Frontier, outpost travel will not be monetarily profitable. Still, the increased number of rare monster encounters may make it worth your while.
Ultimately, you've got to fight through the frontier to reach the next outpost, and eventually, the old God that separates the Woodlands from the City.
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date19 September 2020
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