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Idle Monster TD Cheats
unlock spells - use hack #hjGDlrEzo
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upgrade cheat - #My7SZ8UFu
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level up - #Q4HkZdPsA
10000 gold coins - #xcIy84ec5
unlock all towers - #aTwPCh3GF
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How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Welcome to the United monster's alliance, commander. We are generally a peaceful race, but have recently come under attack from the human military. Your duty is to manage a defensive position, preventing enemy troops from reaching the portale into our homeland.
The human military wrongfully fears us monsters, and so have built an army of robots to destroy us. We are counting on you to stop these evil robots from entering and destroying our homeland.
Idle Monster TD Hack Basics
There are many different portals to defend, but we know the enemy will hit bottom first. Let's place our first defensive monster tower. Spout might need a little damage boost to safely pass this wave. Let's upgrade his level to increase his damage. Let's give spout some backup by unlocking and placing a new monster. Unlocking new monsters costs essence. This resource is earned by completing waves and killing bosses. This is a solid start to our defense of portal. Remember to unlock new monsters and upgrade their level/damage as often as you can.
Hint & Tips
1. Take your time to explore all the menus at the bottom of the screen. There are loads of unique upgrades to purchase and unlock over time.
2. I highly recommend you red the FAQ in the settings menu (bottom right menu button), use cheats codes, unlock hack tools menu. There are tons of tricky little mechanics in this game that will make more sense after reading it.
3. And remember, this is an idle game that you can't really lose in - so just have fun.
Active spells
Rain of fire - instantly deal (combined active tower's damage) x1 to all enemies. Strength aura - increase all monster damage. Mastership - increase EXP earned from kills. Death awaits - instantly deplete 5% of all enemy health. Frenzy aura - increase attack speed.
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date19 September 2020
Last Modified19 September 2020
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