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Welcome to your new station, captain. We need to get some order around here, and you're the perfect person to do it. The previous captain was incompetent and the criminals have been like fish in the water.
Citizens will come to the police station to file a complaint when they are victims of a crime or have witnessed one. In order to register complaints, citizens must be assisted by the reception staff. But we don't have anyone to attend to in reception! We must hire someone immediately.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Reception - here you can manage each area of the police station, from hiring new employees to improving or creating new furniture. Hire a receptionist by pressing the ‘hire’ button. Employees will be paid on an hourly basis. If your expenses get too high, you may have to fire some of them. Perfect, now we have the information we need to start investigating the crime.
cheat, Step #2: A police station is nothing without detectives to investigate crimes. We need to hire one. Well, we can’t hire a detective because we don’t have any tables where they can work. We’ll have to buy one. Some elements are indispensable for the employees of an area to be able to carry out their work. If you do not have enough elements, you won’t be able to hire more employees in that area.
Idle Police Tycoon code, Step #3: Buy a desk for the new detective. Criminal cases are lept in a file cabinet like this. Each area has its own filing cabinet, from which workers take criminal cases to investigate. It’s important to move criminal cases between departments so that the police station flows. To do this, nothing better than the strong arms of our interns.
Step #4: Intern area - we looked for a secluded spot for them to relax, but close to the door, so they can go for coffee faster. Before we hire an intern, we will have to build a locker, as with all other employees. Remember, that interns also get paid by the hour. Beware of hiring too many, or you’ll have them mooning around. Now the new intern will be taking the cases from the front desk file to the detective department.

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TO clean the streets of thugs we need to catch them. The officers we just hired will be in charge of executing the arrest of the criminals identified by the detectives. To make arrests, officers will work in groups for your safety and enter cheats, use hack tools. If there’s a patrol car, they’ll use it to make the quickest arrest. Otherwise, they’ll have to walk around and take much longer to do their job. Try to always have enough vehicles Idle Police Tycoon. Stopping the criminals will take time, depending on the complexity of the crime. Above the locker of the group of officers you can see the progress of the arrest.

As you complete the steps on the list, you will track down the criminals until you finally captures them. There are several criminals in every city, but with hard work they will end up behind bars.

From map Idle Police Tycoon you can see the different districts of the city. Each one has its own crime problems and different costs to extend the coverage of the police station there. To see the information of a district, tap on it on the map to select or use cheat code, hack tools. By expanding the coverage of the police station to new districts, more citizens will come to report crimes. The type of crimes reported from each area is different. Don’t forget to have a well equipped reception and build the necessary departments. HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)! Author: Solarios

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